5 tips for sorting!

5 tips for sorting!

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Each end of the year is a good time to take a little update on your life. Did we keep all the good resolutions for New Year's Eve 2016? But it is above all the time to look forward to the coming year, with optimism. To start off on the right foot, you have to clear the air, sort it out: literally and figuratively! And often put away, sort, throw away the old to accommodate the new, makes you feel better. Dé gives you 5 tips to lighten up and jump with both feet in the new year!

1. Put away your wardrobe

On dé, we often give you advice on how to properly store and optimize your cupboards. The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock of your clothes! Empty your entire wardrobe on your bed, sort your clothes by season, and be frank with yourself: are you really wearing all these sweaters? This dress that you haven't put on for three years, wouldn't it be time to say goodbye? All these clothes that you no longer wear can have a second life if they are in good condition: sell them, give them away or throw away what is really no longer portable. Yes, even your Nirvana comforter t-shirt. We are getting a makeover!

A tidy wardrobe is not only pleasant but also practical: you will find your favorite clothes more easily!

2. Sort in your fridge

Did you know that ideally, your fridge should be completely cleaned every two weeks? In practice, few people really do. Also, we are taking advantage of this end of the year - or this beginning of the year, it still works! - to make everything shine: we say goodbye to bacteria by cleaning everything with soapy water or white vinegar. We look at the expiration dates of food, sauces, preserves and we throw away what is exceeded. We defrost, and we also clean the outside! If it doesn't get better, go to the cupboards!

A tidy and clean fridge is good for your health and it's also less risk of unpleasant odors: you win all the way!

3. Put away your medicine cabinet

We all tend to collect old boxes of medicines - even empty boxes! Some are more organized than others and have a tidy cupboard, by type of symptom. Others scribble on the box for what purpose the medicine is intended, and still others are forced to look on the Internet for the leaflet which is still missing ... Anyway, there is no point in keeping expired medicines: bring them to your pharmacist who will recycle them! Ditto if your treatment is finished and you no longer need it. You avoid poisoning yourself and take the opportunity to declutter. Keep the basics for fever or pain, digestive problems, ointments against bruises and precious antiseptics!

In your pharmacy, keep what is necessary, and get rid of expired and useless drugs!

4. Sort out your beauty products

We don't necessarily think about it, but it would be wise, when we open a beauty product, to note the date on which we start it. Because assets are no longer necessarily effective after a while. For example, it is preferable to only keep a lipstick for one year, mascara for 3 months, nail polish for 2 years, face creams for 6 months, sunscreen for one summer, etc. The idea is to not intoxicating your skin would therefore be to think, at least once a year, to sort it out. Ditto for makeup brushes, carriers of bacteria in the long run.

Cosmetics have a limited lifespan. Educate yourself and try to keep them away from light and heat.

5. Sort through your papers

We tend to accumulate paperwork: but not everything is useful to keep. You can already start by sorting your papers according to what you need to do, read or what has already been processed. Archive what needs to be, so you can easily find your papers afterwards. A health file, a bank file, a pay slip file ... For information, everything should not be kept indefinitely: as a general rule, the document retention period is 5 years. Label them well to find your way around. Keep the photos that really matter to you, the business cards that will be useful to you (or better, scan them in an app made specially for). And throw away everything you don't need. We told you, the goal is to get lighter to start off on the right foot in 2017!

Filing your papers and sorting them out will do you a lot of good: we are leaving on a healthy basis for this new year!