The mistakes to avoid in a charming decoration

The mistakes to avoid in a charming decoration

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The charming decor has everything to please provided you don't fall for the nunuche style! This style requires refinement, elegance and a touch of retro. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you want to create a charming decoration.

A charming decor is not necessarily rosy

You should know that the charming style corresponds to both men and women, provided you do it right! The idea is not to feminize the room too much while bringing it a touch of softness. For this, start by avoiding the pink color and all its nuances because you can easily create a charming atmosphere with much more mixed colors. Opt for example for cream, linen, mole, white which combine easily with each other. Gray will also work very well. If you really care about a colorful room, choose blue or green in pastel shades.

Contemporary furniture is not suitable

A charming decor cannot go with too modern furniture! Put aside furniture with too geometric lines and too modern materials like lacquered materials. Prefer light or dark wood for its softness. Know that the patinated furniture will bring an ideal decorative touch. As for shapes, bet on furniture with an old appearance: a small bedside cabinet, a wooden bed, a country-style table…

Don't forget the details

A charming decor highlights many details that bring a cozy and pleasant side. For the living room, choose beautiful cushions with a matching plaid. In the bedroom, choose elegant and old-style bed linen with embroidery, for example. In the dining room, prefer heathered dishes with mismatched plates that will create surprise at the table. Finally, have flowers in every room of the house for a touch of freshness.

Don't neglect the floors

If you have a stone floor or wall, you are very lucky because it will give character to your interior and will adapt very well to the charming style. If this is not the case, know that you can opt for an old parquet effect that you will find in an economical and easy-to-install PVC version. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"