The 8 essentials for a design salon!

The 8 essentials for a design salon!

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Do you dream of a trendy and modern living room? Do you like minimalist decor with clean lines? We have selected for you the 8 essentials of a successful design decoration! For a warm but sophisticated atmosphere…

Gray corner sofa, € 599 *, Menzzo

When the end of the day comes, what a pleasure to relax in this comfortable and designer sofa! With its clean lines and its soft seat, it succeeds in the harmonious marriage of beauty and softness. Can we dream of a better compromise?

Black coffee table, € 71.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

Recipe for a trendy and modern living room: minimalist decor, a warm but sophisticated atmosphere, and a few carefully chosen pieces! Light and airy, this origami-like table is sure to have an effect.

Bayonne cushion cover, € 25 *, Jean-Vier

Bayonne is a little corner of paradise. There is a unique atmosphere, which is due as much to the architecture of the city as to its inhabitants. Find a little of this magic with this pretty printed cushion cover. Insiders will appreciate!

Design convertible armchair, € 1,319 *, Innovation

That an armchair succeeds in the tour de force of being both comfortable and design, that is no longer astonishing you! But it is convertible, you did not ask for so much! Did you dream of a trendy and modern living room? You are on the good road…

Design pendant lamp, € 69.90 *, Vita

Comfortably curled up on your sofa, you let your gaze slide over the objects around you. One element holds your attention: this daring pendant light, which plays the card of floral decoration. A must!

Spiral shelf, € 95 *, Kare Design

For a warm but sophisticated atmosphere, nothing like a daring piece of furniture that upsets established codes! Proof of this is this pretty spiral shelf: halfway between the design furniture and the work of art, it seduces as much as it surprises.

Designer lacquered sideboard, € 249 *, Drawer

In terms of decoration, the classics are eternal. This white lacquered furniture with clean lines brings the demonstration, with brilliance and sobriety. Stop looking for the centerpiece of your minimalist decor. You found it!

Metal and glass soliflore, € 24.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

As a case highlights the jewel it shelters, this soliflore will sublimate your flowers. Design object par excellence, it perfectly combines minimalism and elegance. Her little extra? Removable vases for easy cleaning! We love ! To discover all of our design lounge selection, it's there! img id = "243790" / Price found on the site on 12/22/2017, subject to change based on commercial offers.