Make the walls shine for the start of the school year

Make the walls shine for the start of the school year

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Are your walls gray and you would like to refurbish them? Know that you can get away with some small jobs that require little budget and handyman skills ... but a lot of elbow grease! Washing, sanding, touching up paint… We tell you everything!

Before painting, we wash!

Before you start, first make an inventory. Do you need to repaint everything? Just in places? Are there any irregularities, cracks, filling holes or moisture problems? List what you have to do, and the equipment needed for each step, this will avoid you going back and forth in store! Whether your wall is a little gray, or you want to freshen it up, start by washing it off to get a nice paint finish. Know that there are a few steps to follow: * Protect your soil. * Prepare a bowl of hot water, a little detergent (or soda crystals) and a new sponge. * Wash gently, being careful not to soak the wall. * Air out. Make sure if you want to wash a wallpaper that it is washable!

Before repainting the wall, clean up.

Paint a damaged wall and hide imperfections

Then, everything will depend on the condition of the wall but the coating will be very useful for cracks and holes of all kinds: * Start with fix imperfections with classic, decorative (lime, stucco, tadelakt, etc.) or even thermo-regulating coating. * Make a general sanding of the wall (you can make the angles by hand with a sanding sheet of grain 120 to 180 and the rest of the wall with a sander if you have one ... You can also borrow or rent it easily) . *Put an underlay : this makes it possible to see the remaining imperfections, and to go back through the coating-sanding phase if necessary before the final painting. * Paint! Two coats of paint are often essential.

Take the time to erase the imperfections of your wall for a perfect result.

How to hide a wall in poor condition?

If the paint does not help you to hide the defects of a wall, there are several solutions: * The paper to paint: thicker and solid than a traditional wallpaper, it hides the imperfections of the wall and can be painted to your taste. * Plasterboard sheets, which are inexpensive and can be upholstered or painted. * The canvas or fiberglass , especially the non-woven one that is placed on a glued wall and then covered with two layers of paint. * Stone or wood siding, faux bricks or paneling. * Decorative panels (in fabric or Japanese panels) to camouflage an unsightly wall section * Stickers skillfully placed on a stain for example. * A beautiful painting hung in a strategic location will mask a small hole in style. * A stylish accumulation: mirrors, plates, frames…

The XXL switchboard option to erase a fault is unstoppable!

Refurbish a wall with a special coating

Lime, plaster, glass cloth ... How to renovate or change the coating of your wall? * To renovate a wall with lime, do not hesitate to bring a crowbar and detach the pieces of aged lime before cleaning the walls to prepare them for the new lime to be laid. * If your wall is plastered a bit dated, take the opportunity to replace it with a more trendy material (natural stone or concrete effect). Sand the plaster, then cover it with a thick coating. * As for the glass fabrics, you can either peel them off with special gels that you will find in DIY stores, or coat and repaint them to your taste! Finally, if your wall has humidity problems, be aware that molds are dangerous to health (and can cause, among other things, respiratory problems). To overcome it, add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil in 300 ml of white vinegar and 200 ml of water, spray the mixture, then clean with a clean sponge. Ventilate well but if humidity persists, call a specialist to assess the extent of the damage or use a humidifier.

Take care of the type of wall you want to renovate.


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