How to choose the right bar stools?

How to choose the right bar stools?

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Choose your bar stools according to the furniture associated with them

The first thing to check before you go looking for the bar stools perfect, it is the height of the furniture with which they will be associated. Indeed, the height of this piece of furniture will depend on that of your bar stools… and it will not be the same if it is a high table or a bar / snack type table.

As such, remember that:
* The majority of high tables have a tray which is approximately 90 cm high. To be well installed on your high table, be sure to favor models of bar stools whose seat can rise between 60 and 65 cm in height.
* Bar / snack tables are often a bit larger than traditional high tables, with a tray that is often between 110 and 130 cm high. Then choose bar stools 80 to 100 cm high!

To note : if you want to buy bar stools more than 80 cm high, check beforehand that you can easily sit on it!

Choose your bar stools according to their use

Another very important criterion to take into account when choose your bar stools : their use… and therefore their users! Indeed, you will certainly not choose the same seats if you just use them on weekends solo or if they are intended to make breakfast for the whole family on a daily basis.
Here are some tips to help you with your purchase:
- If you have to sit on your bar chairs every day, it may be better to opt for a model with a backrest and footrests, all the more comfortable in use…
- If your bar stools are intended for adults but also children, consider investing in height adjustable models… Like that, no need to mismatch them, and the whole family will have the same!
- If you have a small bar or snack type table in the kitchen only to help out and you rarely use your bar stools, bet on folding bar stools. It is also the right solution if your kitchen is very small!
- If you have converted a room in your house (or apartment) into a real bar and you want to impress your guests, buy adjustable and swivel bar stools, worthy of the biggest cocktail bars!

Choose your bar stools according to the style of your room

All in height and more or less imposing, bar stools are part of this furniture that is difficult to miss in a room; it is therefore very important to choose models which are certainly comfortable, but also aesthetic, which will contribute to the decoration of the room!

On this side, good news: high tables and bars are today so trendy in the world of decoration that bar stools are available in all styles: totally in metal or in metal and wood for a bistro and / or industrial style, with compass feet and a fabric seat for a Scandinavian look, with a leather back and seat for a retro look, 100% in wood to play the natural card… all tastes are allowed!


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