For or against fake flowers?

For or against fake flowers?

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Undoubtedly, green plants bring freshness to an interior. Flowers, cacti, or even orchids, we love this touch of decorative chlorophyll version. But what if you don't have a green thumb at all or you travel a lot? Artificial plants are an obvious solution, but they suffer from an unfavorable image. So fake flowers or not? Dé helps you to weigh the pros and cons!

Fake flowers? No thanks !

Spontaneously, when we think of "fake flowers", we immediately see the grandma's living room with its vase with a faded bouquet. Difficult indeed not to associate artificial plants with a plastic dust trap and yellowed fabric from another time. Others will also say that fake flowers are rarely an illusion and that nothing can replace a bouquet of fresh flowers, both in terms of aesthetics and fragrance.

I say yes to fake flowers!

However, the benefits of artificial plants are many. If you don't have a green thumb and all of your indoor plants are wasting away one after the other, think seriously! This will save you the drudgery of watering. A decision that will turn out to be really practical, especially if you regularly go on vacation. Finally, if your interior is too dark to accommodate natural green plants, why deprive yourself of a cheerful and spring touch?

Today's fake flowers are so well made that Mother Nature could be jealous of them. Your guests will only see fire!

Today there are fake flowers more real than life, to associate with very decorative containers: lilies, roses or even orchids will blend in with the decor of your living room in style and your friends will only see fire… except s 'they are coming back in three weeks and the bouquet is intact!


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