Decorate your garden for a birthday snack

Decorate your garden for a birthday snack

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For the past few weeks, your youngest has been impatiently counting the days that separate him from his birthday! The invitation cards are ready, and the gifts have been hidden in a safe place. Last but not least: you must now get down to decorating your garden! A birthday snack cannot be improvised!

A garden decor inspired by the childish universe

When it comes to decoration, children don't care about minimalism! Preferring the profusion to the sleek design, they want first and foremost to be impressed. Shimmering colors, extravagant shapes and light effects: never be afraid to do too much! You will pay particular attention to the buffet, the centerpiece of a successful birthday snack . Choose multi-colored disposable tableware, and arrange the cakes and other candies so as to compose a nice assortment of colors. Your young audience should not fail to be seduced by this garden straight from the childish imagination!

The little "gadget" accessories are sure to delight your little ones!

For a theme birthday, we take care of the decor!

Very popular with the youngest, the themed birthday party is a sure bet! Nothing forces you to decorate your garden on the theme of the latest trendy cartoon. Show originality! Does your child participate in an extra-curricular, sporting or cultural activity? This is an excellent decoration idea, which will allow him to share his passion with his guests. How proud your child is to discover a garden in the colors of his taekwondo club. And who knows, it may arouse vocations!

Trains, trucks, color and voila!

When your garden becomes the place of all surprises ...

Children love to take on the decor in which they live: remember Hansel and Gretel devouring a gingerbread and chocolate house! A few bags of candy hanging on a clothesline will give children the feeling of interacting with their environment! The masks and other inflatable balloons will be more than simple decorative elements: they can be unhooked and taken away by your young guests. Finally, do not neglect the power of attraction of surprises! A few mischievously hidden gifts in your garden will cause widespread excitement. Your birthday snack will be a milestone!

For once the little ones can touch everything!


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