Three essential tips to revamp your balcony

Three essential tips to revamp your balcony

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Do you live in the city and have a balcony or a small terrace? What luck ! Do not hesitate to arrange it to make the most of sunny days. Indeed, it is not because the space is small that it should be neglected: your balcony also has the right to be comfortable and trendy! Here are some tips to make your balcony a cozy little cocoon for the summer.

A cozy place

You will be spending a lot of time on your balcony this summer, so don't skimp on comfort! Depending on the space you have, opt for outdoor furniture, such as the Rio set (table + chairs) which will allow you to take your meals outside. If the space is more limited, a deckchair or a few cushions will allow you to enjoy your balcony in peace and take sunbaths. On the ground, an outdoor rug like the Mistral model and its pretty stripes, will camouflage its raw appearance and make the whole more warm. It is also a good alternative to synthetic grass, very trendy but more expensive and complex to install.

Dare to color

If some are a little chilly at the idea of ​​putting color in its interior, on the balcony everything is allowed! The bright and sparkling colors (blue, pink, yellow) are always welcome because they bring freshness and cheerfulness, even in rainy weather. So dare the chilean with gingham pattern or the Luna lime green lounger, as well as the multicolored plant pots from the Elho range. Mixing colors is completely authorized or even recommended when it comes to bringing pep to your balcony! If you prefer softer shades, opt for the "seaside" style and its pretty shades of blue. Thus, the Brume pouffe with blue stripes will bring maritime freshness to your reading sessions. Do you hear the sound of the waves?

Create an atmosphere

There is no pretty balcony without plants, let's not forget! This is also the key point to achieve the ambiance of your balcony. Choose evergreen plants that require little maintenance (lavender, thorny, ferns, ivy) rather than the more fragile flowers, especially if you don't have a green thumb. Aromatic plants (rosemary, mint) in pretty hanging planters are also an excellent choice, especially since they will also serve you in the kitchen. Finally, lighting your balcony well is essential if you want to enjoy it at night. Prefer instead indirect or LED lighting: an Alana wooden lantern or a Gaoling tealight will create a romantic atmosphere on your balcony, while a colorful Guinguette garland will bring a more festive atmosphere, perfect for a dinner with friends! Last tip: to successfully makeover your balcony, always keep in mind that it must be decorated in your image, just like your interior! For more decorating tips, don't hesitate to visit Annouchka, Anne's blog!

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