Tutorial children: make a lion mask

Tutorial children: make a lion mask

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Carnival soon! Between the disguise to imagine for the nursery, your elder who wants to invite all his little friends for a costumed snack, you will hear about it! Mardi-gras is therefore one of the great challenges that awaits you in February, but this year you have decided to take it up. To support you, the editorial team has designed an ultra-easy to make mask. Its other strong point: children will be able to participate because each step is very simple. Shall we show you? Let's go !


- A cardboard plate (per mask) - Acrylic paint (light orange and bright orange) - Paint brushes - Felt (brown and white) - Ice cream sticks - A Chinese wand - A pair of scissors - glue - A fine felt - Scotch tape

Budget: 15 euros Duration: 1 hour Children age: from 3 years old for certain stages, 5 years to complete


1. Start by painting the back of the cardboard plate in light orange. The whole family can stick to it!

2. While the plate is drying, paint the small wooden sticks in bright orange. In brown, it works too!

3. The sticks dry and the plate is ready! Using your thin marker, draw two eyes, relatively large. We advise you to locate their location according to your child's face.

4. Cut out the eye holes using your pair of scissors.

5. Draw a circle with a fine felt tip pen on the white felt. For our part we were helped by a rigid bracelet which passed by there! Cut out this white circle. Ours is about 7 cm in diameter.

6. Do the same with the brown felt. Draw and cut a smaller triangle, with slightly rounded edges.

7. Glue your two pieces of felt under your eyes. You hold your lion's muzzle there!

8. Turn your plate over and glue your now dry orange sticks along the edges. Take benchmarks so that the spaces between each stick and the height that exceeds are more or less the same.

9. Before sticking the bottom sticks, slide the wooden stick. It will allow your child to hold the mask without difficulty. Hold it with scotch tape, either in the middle or slightly to the side like us.

10. Finish sticking all the orange sticks. For our part we have placed 38.


Wait a few moments until the whole is completely dry before handing this mask to your little lion cub who will roar with pleasure!

Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your awesome lion masks via our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!