How to put your house in order before school starts?

How to put your house in order before school starts?

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High point of the year, the start of the school year is the occasion where never to set up a new organization within the home. It's time to tidy up, sort and organize the house with one goal: to simplify everyday life. Instructions for a peaceful September.

Offices arranged from A to Z for a house in order

Let's be studious. Start by taking stock of the workspaces of each family member. We will never have repeated it so much: the disorder harms the concentration. Sort your office therefore, but above all DISCARD everything that seems superfluous before cleaning the space from A to Z. Invest, if necessary, in new modules of storage, even if it means rethinking the organization of each office. Objective: paperwork or homework efficiently dispatched throughout the year. Also take the opportunity to sort the remaining supplies because yes, back to school is fast approaching. Fill in what is missing, list in hand. With this, the whole family will be happy to work!

Once your desk is tidy, you will see more clearly… in your mind!

Put away for the start of the school year: well-sorted clothes

Storage is only effective if you first vacuum. You know that. It only remains to apply the concept. The idea is to find your things faster, avoid tensions and save time. Lighten your mind by emptying all the cupboards in the house in order to sort the clothes (too small, too damaged, to give away…). Take the opportunity also to put away summer clothes and put winter clothes on hand. Also plan a detour to the dry cleaning for the most fragile items. In summary: take the time to reorganize and tidy up everyone's closets to start the year off right. A word of advice: also sort children's toys which often take up a lot (too much) of space. "Declutter to better profit", here is your new adage!

Sorting, putting away… it's sometimes also the pleasure of finding some almost forgotten clothes!

A neat and orderly entry

Symbolic piece of the house, it signals the arrival in the family cocoon. Serenity requires, make your entrance a functional and practical space. Invest in storage , tinker with shelves Easy to access and install coat hooks of different heights (so that the little ones can use them) to hang everyone's coats. Also have baskets for winter shoes (store summer shoes elsewhere). End with a "cleaning" session, baseboards and furniture undersides included!

Think of the pleasure you will have in discovering a tidy room when you get home!

Flawless family organization

Take stock of the organization for the month of September, because who says back to school says ... new timetables. Print everyone's schedules to get an overview and post them in plain view. Make a standard schedule for the whole family too. So, ready for back to school? I promise, everything will be fine!

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