How to make your bathroom modern?

How to make your bathroom modern?

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It's decided, you are embarking on the renovation of your bathroom. Exit old tiles from the 60s, pedestal sink and earthenware from another time! Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and take action. Modernization of equipment, change of coatings and harmonization of decoration ... Without doing major work, it is quite possible to give a second youth to the decoration of your bathroom. Install hanging furniture, create a walk-in shower, apply paint or waxed concrete to old tiles ... What to do and where to start? Our decor tips and advice for a modern and accessible bathroom!
  1. Bathroom renovation: modernizing equipment
  2. Walls and floors: decorative advice for twistering coatings
  3. Some tips for harmonizing furniture
  4. Updating bathroom accessories

1. Bathroom renovation: modernizing equipment

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Integrated or installed washbasin: what choice will you make? For a successful bathroom renovation, we start by thinking about existing equipment.ts. What to think of their current ergonomics? Are they adapted to our way of life? If I never take the time for a bath, for example, wouldn't a walk-in shower be more legitimate than my bathtub? Even if there are today lovely freestanding bathtubs , opting for a shower cabin is a rising desire in many contemporary bathroom renovation projects. Especially since the shower is more economical than the bath in terms of consumption… If, on the other hand, you are a tenant, you will have to deal with the current bathtub. So why not modernize it? Sometimes it only takes a few things to freshen up the decor of a bathroom. For example, we install a pretty transparent shower screen instead of the dirty curtain, in order to maximize the perspective. There are various models and at all prices… Some even take up theworkshop glass spirit for a small industrial side. And with that, impossible to flood the bathroom. We love when practicality rhymes with aesthetics! Toothbrushing side, we swap its pedestal sink against a suspended piece of furniture with a basin . In addition to offering undeniable storage capacity , it clears the floor space. Freedom of movement is ours! We also take care of choose your washbasin : rather recessed for a refined result or posed in the trend of Zen bathrooms? Single or double sink for the master suite? Basalt stone, marble, glass or polished stainless steel… There is no shortage of original materials! With a big trend for natural stones, the sink is now asserting itself as the centerpiece in the design of a bathroom. If you have not planned to change your bathroom furniture, it is quite possible to modernize it: what if we already replaced the old fittings for example? Budget question, we allow ourselves some savings by bartering our old mixer for a more recent mixer. In the shower, we adopt a column with thermostatic system to save significant time. And if we like designer bathrooms, why not go on a black taps ? On a minimalist white tile , the effect is guaranteed!

2. Walls and floors: decorative advice for twistering coatings

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Green paint to cover the tiles: a second wind for your bathroom! Now that we know the future location of our equipment, we can now design the decoration of our bathroom . To give it back a few colors, nothing like repaint the walls in a shade that is dear to us. Even if a black bathroom can be very chic if well accessorized, we generally recommend slightly lighter shades . Pastels or pop colors, everything is of course a question of tastes and dosage. Also know that if the patterns on your tiles no longer appeal to you, it is now possible to camouflage them. Today there are specially designed paints for a more neutral result, and at a low price. Goodbye the seashell motif that gives seasickness! In the same spirit, we can also find material effect products, to apply with a float . Ideal for a modern bathroom wall waxed concrete ! Finally, if we are looking to stay in an ephemeral decoration, we still have tips: the installation of adhesive tile for example. Earthenware, mosaic, slate or aluminum version : the offer is varied and the prices low. Another important point of the renovation: the choice of floor . A new coating is the essential solution for those who wish to make a contemporary bathroom decoration. PVC flooring, for example, is the most attractive option in terms of value for money. Metal, textile, waxed concrete, cement tiles or terrazzo, there is no shortage of patterns and colors. With him, we can even afford parquet flooring in the bathroom , no risk !

3. Some tips for harmonizing furniture

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Rejuvenate your old furniture: a paint job and off you go! Now make room for the harmonization of furniture! If you cannot change your furniture for the moment, don't panic! We revamp our old furniture with a touch of color for a radical change, cheaper . A touch of white paint on my brown furniture from the 70s and I come back in 2018! But there is also the option of stickers : wood, metal, waxed concrete, stone… There are some models to put directly on furniture, or even on bathroom accessories. A good way to transform your bathroom decor! Finally, to finish the transformation into beauty, we recommend adding new handles on your elements: they are the ones that will give the final touch. From the small porcelain button to the large stainless steel bar, there are many kinds allowing real customization of the furniture. Favorite of the moment: the leather zippers, original with their soft and patinated colors. As for the idea of ​​harmony in the first sense of the term, it should not necessarily be reduced to decoration. How about we start by sorting our stuff? Nothing like a good bathroom storage session to see more clearly. For a Zen and minimalist bathroom, we get rid of the superfluous to keep only the essentials . Each object must have a well-defined place. For this, we equip ourselves with pretty boxes or from small baskets coordinated to create a unit. So it's up to you!

4. Refresh your bathroom accessories

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Create a colorful harmony by accessorizing your bathroom down to the smallest detail. You are almost finished decorating the bathroom. All that's missing is the little spark to make all the difference. Here are some tips! To begin, we replace the small glass above the sink with a large mirror, to return a maximum of light. Today there are mirrors with integrated lighting, very practical for make-up as for shaving. Secondly, in terms of textiles, we coordinate! From the bathroom linen to the carpet through the curtains, we opt for pretty shades. And to contrast with the walls, we prefer shades that respond to each other, such as complementary colors for example. Are my walls blue? I choose yellow bath sheets to obtain a vibrant effect. You can also play the card of contrast with black accessories in a minimalist bathroom with white tiles. Elegance guaranteed! Finally, we think of bringing a little touch of greenery . So why not install a few pretty green plants on a shelf? Cacti, patterned or drooping plants, there is something for everyone. In addition to giving character to your bathroom decor, they will do just fine thanks to the ambient humidity. With that, no need to have a green thumb! You now have all the cards in hand to make your bathroom a beautiful contemporary and comfortable bathroom. It only remains for us to wish you good luck in your renovation work. Your turn now !


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