How to decorate the wall above the sofa?

How to decorate the wall above the sofa?

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The sofa is usually the centerpiece of the living room. It's a piece of furniture you can always count on: in good times as well as in bad times! And it is also around him that we design the decoration of our living room. To enhance it, you can count on the wall to which it is backed. So how do you decorate the wall above the sofa?

A set of frames to decorate the wall of the sofa

It's time to take out your most beautiful pictures, right to left. Vintage family photographs, landscape shots, message posters or drawings, illustrations: anything is possible! So hang what inspires you. Choose frames of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials, then have fun organizing them as you see fit, to create a wall of frames. Do not be afraid of accumulation, and mix the supports, it is on the contrary what will bring style to your wall and enhance your sofa corner.

Opt for a hodgepodge of frames of different sizes and types to match and above all let your creativity speak!

One or more mirrors to hang above the sofa

Mirrors are decorative elements that should not be overlooked when decorating the wall above your sofa. A large vertical or horizontal mirror, depending on your preferences and the space you have, will give depth to your room. Several small mirrors will create a more playful atmosphere and their accumulation will reflect light. Like the frames, they remain very beautiful objects of wall decoration and can be declined according to the tastes of each: sober, metal finishes, bamboo or rattan ... You will have no trouble finding a mirror that matches perfection on your sofa!

Think of playing with light and shapes thanks to mirrors, they can light up the space in the blink of an eye.

Green plants hanging above the sofa

To enhance your sofa, opt for a plant decoration that will also bring freshness and life to your space. Placed on a shelf, hung on the wall, suspended ... there are many solutions. In addition the choice is endless, from succulents to drooping plants, including palm trees, there is really something for everyone and it is difficult to make a false note when it comes to green plants!

Fall for a plant decoration around your sofa, in addition to being pretty, it seems that it is good for morale!

Storage boxes for a successful wall decoration

To change traditional shelves and link the useful to the pleasant, opt for boxes to be fixed to the wall. In metal, wood, lacquered, colored, once again the possibilities are endless. But of course remember to give them a minimum with your sofa! Do not hesitate to alternate open and closed boxes. The open boxes will allow you to display some pretty plants, photos, decorative objects, and the closed boxes to create more storage, which is perfect for small spaces! In a greener spirit, consider recycling old cases of repainted or varnished wine.

Between wall decoration and storage, these little boxes have it all!

A unique work of art, in XXL format, above the sofa

You fell in love last Saturday in front of this huge canvas in the window of this gallery that you love so much? Here is the perfect place to exhibit it! It is often difficult to project yourself with these XXL works which nevertheless bring a big plus to your wall decoration. Just above your sofa, almost as wide, this single work will be enough to dress your wall and above all to stand out. At least one thing is certain, you are not likely to find the same decoration on every street corner.

A unique and imposing work of art dresses the space in the blink of an eye… and with style!