Buddha decoration: wake up your interior!

Buddha decoration: wake up your interior!

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More a philosophy and an art of living than a true religion, Buddhism always makes a little more followers. Far reminiscent of the statues of the temples of Thailand, Cambodia or Sri Lanka, it was therefore logical that the decoration took over the thematic Buddha to decline it in a multiple and varied manner. Easy to use and definitely very fashionable, the stickers still hold a good place, especially with the one offered by Acte Deco and available in almost 33 different colors (from 92.40 euros on for the most small size) ! More classic, "L'Eveillé" is also displayed as a screen that can be used in a bedroom or to define small spaces in a living room (99 euros at Maisons du Monde). More offset, the printed armchair cover revives the dullest interiors thanks to its bright orange reminiscent of the saffron of monks' dresses (49.90 euros on But the Buddha theme is also increasingly thinking outside the box. Designed by Slide, the luminous Buddha head that can be placed anywhere and which can accommodate colored bulbs will undoubtedly appeal to design fans (84 euros on Finally, the most unusual is the Pop Art Buddha painting signed Arte Deco. A curious composition which operates a daring cross between an ancient tradition and the colorful eccentricities of Andy Warhol (49 euros on


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