Unikalo: paintings made in France since 1936

Unikalo: paintings made in France since 1936

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Based on the outskirts of Bordeaux, the Unikalo paint manufacturing company has grown continuously since its creation in the 1930s. A family business employing less than 10 employees at the time, it currently has around 200 and has almost as many points of sale on French territory.

High-end and innovative professional paints

Unikalo is a manufacturing at the cutting edge of technology at the service of craftsmanship. In fact, the company's customers are mainly painting professionals. The rest of the clientele is made up of individuals at 20%. At Unikalo, respect for the environment is essential.

Moreover, the new paint ranges are bio-based and depolluting: NAE and AQUARYL INSPIR. These professional paints are therefore designed for the current user, as well as for future generations. The company is ISO 14001 certified in design and manufacturing, our products are made in France on the Mérignac site (33). They are subjected to rigorous control tests by our quality laboratory on precise physical characteristics (fineness, density, gloss…), so none of our products leave the factory without having been checked and applied, this in order to ensure our customers constant impeccable quality.

A large distribution network in France

With nearly 200 points of sale, Unikalo paint technology is within everyone's reach: paint professionals and individuals wishing to have quality professional and healthy paints at home. In store, the space is divided between a showroom where a decoration advisor is able to help the customer to define an atmosphere for his interior and a more technical space composed of tinting machine allowing to realize the colors in the chosen paintings. by the customer.

Unikalo's permanent growth completes the distribution network each year with new stores. In addition, new color charts and paints are constantly being created in the company's research and development laboratory, always with an environment-friendly approach and making it possible to stick to the latest trends in both colors and finishes (colors deep green and blue, velvety appearance, etc.).

Contact : Unikalo, 18 rue du Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Z.I. de l'Hippodrome, 33700 Mérignac Phone: 05 56 34 23 08 Email: [email protected] Site: Youtube channel: