Ideas to decorate the bathroom when you are a tenant

Ideas to decorate the bathroom when you are a tenant

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It's over, I can't stand my bathroom anymore! Its old tiles and its greenish paint that gives a bad look, not to mention the constant disorder that reigns there. I want to change everything! Only here, revamping your bathroom when you are only a tenant can sometimes seem like a real challenge. How not to offend the owner and recover his deposit? Is it possible to touch the walls? Redo the paint, install a new tile, drill to allow the fixing of wall shelves ... Or do renovation / maintenance work in your bathroom? Here, some original and inexpensive tips for a nice piece of water in tune with the times.

  1. Renewing your bathroom: my rights as a tenant
  2. Beautification works in the bathroom
  3. Bathroom: some work for practical arrangements
  4. Bathroom renovation: mini works, maxi effect!

1. Bathroom decoration: my rights as a tenant

© Saint Maclou A pink earthenware from the 60s, an old chipped brown floor and its period lights… This time, the drop of water overflows the sink! It's time to do some work in the bathroom. As a tenant, however, there are a few rules to follow so as not to get angry with the owner . No question of making a cross on the deposit! Forward for a little light. - Work allowed without authorization Good news for those who wish to revamp their bathroom while being tenants! There are many small jobs that do not require authorization. Apply a new paint, replace an old vinyl floor, install a wall shelf, install tiles, drill a few holes in the walls to fix a piece of furniture… All these small adjustments are allowed provided that the rented property is not too distorted. However, we will make sure to fill in the holes when leaving, out of sympathy for the next tenant! - Work requiring authorization On the other hand, if one had planned to knock down the partition discreetly to make a beautiful parental suite, it is missed! But all is not lost: the owner can still find the relevant idea. For this, you must obtain his written agreement, otherwise it will be difficult to defend yourself in the event of a dispute. Concretely, the installations for which an owner's authorization is required are of the “major works” type. That is to say, they modify the configuration of the asset. For example, replace a shower with a bathtub, install a pocket door, change an earthenware in good condition… If the change is not related to unsanitary conditions, then the owner is not required to share in the costs. Hence the interest of being well informed beforehand! - Routine maintenance work Except in the event of a malfunction noted beforehand, it is the tenant's responsibility to ensure the routine maintenance of the equipment. Repair of worn seals, replacement of a shower hose, proper functioning of pipes… Fortunately, this type of repair is not too expensive. As long as you are careful, of course!

2. Beautification works in my bathroom

© D.R. Graphic and colorful prints: textiles provide you with a complete makeover for your bathroom! To spruce up a very sad bathroom, the idea is to play the color card. For this, you don't necessarily have to do heavy work. First, we start with redo the paint. Nothing like it to energize a space in no time. But what color should I choose for my bathroom walls? Turquoise blue, coral, sun yellow, beige or pale pink… The choice is hard. Aside from the green color known to look bad, there aren't really any rules. Except of course that of making you happy! Second possibility, bet on textiles. A graphic bath mat to camouflage a sad floor, colorful curtains to dress the window and a few patterned towels ... Sometimes little is enough to transform the most neutral and tasteless bathrooms. On the decoration side, green plants are also a very simple (and inexpensive) way to revamp your bathroom. In addition to giving your room the air of a tropical jungle, they will feel perfectly at ease thanks to the ambient humidity. Chlorophytum, philodendron, calatheas or orchids are all plants indicated for a fresh and lively bathroom. Suspended or accumulated on a wall shelf, they will make your bathroom a true haven of relaxation. On the other hand, changing the toilet seat is also a simple and economical way to personalize the decor of the bathroom. Ethnic patterns, vintage look, peas, chevrons or raw wood… Sometimes it takes little to be a happy tenant.

3. Bathroom: works and practical arrangements

© D.R. With its authentic look, this pretty bamboo towel ladder saves you from breaking through the owner's walls. Tired of seeing all these toiletries lying around on the edge of the sink! My bathroom lacks storage, it's time to act. No more excuses now that I know I can do work in my bathroom, even if I'm a tenant. Of course, you can furnish your piece of water without removing the drill from its case. Far be it from us to upset the owner! Vanity unit, bathroom trolley, corner shelves, benches and stools… So many nomadic decor tips that avoid breaking through the walls. If necessary, I allow myself a few holes to allow the attachment of a tall piece of furniture, and thus prevent it from tipping over. Safety first ! When you know that most bathrooms measure less than 7 square meters, the trick is to invest the walls on the height. For this, there are different styles ofwall shelves , or of small cupboards , with or without mirror, for example. Very practical to save space without making a cross on the floor space. Now that we have more space, there is no question of leaving your bazaar lying around again! Small baskets, boxes, laundry basket, soap dish, suction cup baskets… So many storage accessories that will also give personality to an overly neutral bathroom. Whether in wood, ceramic, stainless steel or rattan, bathroom accessories bring style to a somewhat drab decor. What more could you ask for, when practicality rhymes with aesthetic bonus?

4. Bathroom renovation: mini works, maxi effect

© D.R. Perfect for renovating a bathroom without damaging the walls, this adhesive tile with a cement tile look! Cracked tiles, faded paint, chipped furniture… As long as improving the existing, and if I embarked on a real renovation of the bathroom? If laying tiles is a bit of a technique, this is however possible when the old is too damaged. If it is not maintenance work but wear prior to my arrival, it could even be that the costs are borne by the owner! The first thing to do is above all to dialogue. On the other hand, when it is only a matter of taste, things are sometimes more complicated to make heard. So when you're a tenant, you sometimes have to use tricks to give your bathroom a makeover. A new decoration yes, but not at the price of its deposit! First of all, we change the taps. How about a hydro massage shower head to stay zen in all circumstances? We don't hesitate to repaint old furniture with flaking paint in colorful hues. Small chic and inexpensive detail: opt for new handles which will give cachet to the owner's old furniture. In addition to the mural, the old earthenware is covered with adhesive tiles. Graphic, patchwork, patterned or material effect… Perfect for creating the illusion of freshly laid tiles. And now that the deposit is saved and the owner is happy, make way for the toilet!