How to hang a painting on the wall without drilling a hole?

How to hang a painting on the wall without drilling a hole?

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Technique # 1: Hang the Tables with Adhesive Tabs

The system of adhesive tabs combines two complementary hanging techniques:

  • An adhesive part - which is placed on the hanging surface as well as on the object to hang;
  • And a part designed as a scratch that joins the adhesive parts together. The "studded" closure makes it possible to securely fix the frames and paintings on the walls, but above all to reposition the frames at will, with a capacity to support weights of up to 7.2 kg!

To note : for hang pictures without making a hole in your wall with adhesive tabs, it is necessary to first clean the wall panel before sticking tabs to it. This system is deployed on a large number of surfaces such as painted walls, melamine, stainless steel but also tiling.

Technique # 2: Adhesive Hooks to Avoid Holes

Just like the adhesive tabs, the hooks allowhang pictures without holes in your walls, provided they are placed on a smooth and clean surface! This technique consists quite simply in using the hooks present on the back of the table to fix it, once the adhesive part of the hook installed on the wall. With this type of grip, in 2 minutes flat, your tables are fixed!

As with the adhesive tabs, it is also important here to know the weight of your frames in order to put a sufficient number of hooks. Knowing that conventional hooks will easily support between 2 and 4 kg, depending on their size; feel free to distribute them strategically to support the framework effectively.

Technique # 3: Adhesive paste to avoid screws

The adhesive paste is another technique for hanging paintings without holes in the walls, but which is suitable for very light paintings and frames. Indeed, with this system, it is advisable not to exceed 500 grams to obtain good stability; adhesive paste is therefore rather to be preferred for photos, posters, posters and other images without framing.

Be careful though: although its appearance looks like a variant of the "Patafix", the adhesive paste is extremely resistant once installed!

Technique n ° 4: fix without hanging

If you want hang frames and paintings at home without making a hole in your walls, know that these can be positioned ingeniously in your interior without you having to buy anything! Visually attractive when suspended, an image can also be enhanced when it is simply placed against the wall. Some people make good use of the architecture or the furniture already present in the apartment in order to store a pictorial decor: the various paintings are piled up elegantly above a chest of drawers or in a recess to bring a dynamic touch instead of. Others dare the frame placed on the ground. Great effect if you have adequate space, this option offers a very modern rendering provided that your images are relatively impressive!

Whatever your decorative desire, the wall composition is full of solutions for those who do not have the opportunity to pierce the walls. Before choosing your method, just be sure to take into account the objects you want to stage in order to select the most suitable way to hang them accordingly.