Gisbert fireplaces, heating without worries

Gisbert fireplaces, heating without worries

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With the arrival of the cold period, heating becomes one of the priorities. To spend the winter in the best conditions, the company Cheminées Gisbert, thanks to its know-how for two generations, will install the best for you. Boiler, radiator, wood stove or pellet fireplace? Being warm without worrying about your wallet is one of the main issues when buying a home. To help you answer them, the company Cheminées Gisbert has not stopped improving and in 2006 opened a specialized store where you can discover the different models of stoves and boilers.

If the fireplaces often remind family houses, they require a certain amount of maintenance and it is imperative to stay near to regularly fuel the fire. The best solution: the wood stove or the pellet stove. "We have found that customers turn to the stove for several reasons: its aesthetics and its performance," says Olivier Gisbert, manager of Cheminées Gisbert. With a design adjustable to your desires, the stove will dress in the colors most suited to your interior thanks to its ceramic covering.

Completed the obligation to reload wood with the pellet stove. "The new technology has made it possible to create more autonomous stoves thanks to soapstones which store heat at very high power and which continue to distribute it even when the stove is off," explains the owner.

The progress does not stop there since the stoves become quieter, those with pellets have a larger reserve and a range of up to forty hours. They are also easier to maintain and the team at Cheminées Gisbert keeps a large stock so that they can intervene as quickly as possible if necessary. What more could you ask for: go to work and come back to a warm, cozy house and no longer fear long winter nights thanks to the knowledge of Cheminées Gisbert.

Contact : Cheminées Gisbert, 6 rue du Saulcy Zone Cora, 54300 Moncel-les-Luneville Telephone: 03 83 73 89 35 Site: www.cheminees-gisbert.fr Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Cheminées-Gisbert-313265972042972/