4 things to know about charming decor

4 things to know about charming decor

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Just by mentioning its name, we are seduced. It must be said, the charming decor is both reassuring and cozy. What is charming decoration? What interior styles can we imagine? What colors and materials are to be preferred? We tell you everything about charming decoration with our decryption!

1. A decorative style, several inspirations!

When we talk about charming decoration, we can not say that there is only one style to appropriate it. Indeed, the charming decor draws its identity through several inspirations. And to each his interpretation! Thus, some adopt it in a country house when others associate it with shabby chic. But charming decor also has its place in more classic interiors with Rococo and Baroque looks. But whichever one you choose, all the inspirations for charming decor have one thing in common: they strengthen the cozy spirit of your interior!

2. The past as an influence

As you can see, an interior with a charming decor is an interior with lots of character. This is one of the reasons why we find this decorative style in old houses or apartments! And for good reason, the charming decor is characterized by vintage objects and furniture of yesteryear. We buy old furniture or give a patinated effect to newer models. We fall for vintage models like a display cabinet, a secretary or a dressing table. We take out the linens from our grandmothers and put them up to date. As for accessories, the charming decor likes to have stories to tell…

3. The colors to adopt

Since it aims to be nostalgic, poetic and cozy, the charming decor abhors garish and overly showy colors. On the contrary, it gives pride of place to soft and delicate colors so that the atmosphere is soothing. Thus, the preferred colors are all light and natural shades. If white predominates, we associate it with light gray, beige, linen and taupe. And for those who want to add a little color, pastels are welcome! Because the charming decor is sometimes romantic and a bit feminine, we do not hesitate to sprinkle some floral patterns here and there… In all cases, fresh flowers and dried flowers have a place of choice in the interiors of charm.

4. Key materials

In the same way as the colors, the charming decor has its favorite materials. Wood for the furniture, ceramics and silverware for the dishes, tomettes and old parquet on the floor ... She always favors noble materials. But it also has a weakness for natural and delicate fibers! And this, especially for household linen whose quality and finesse easily contribute to the decoration of a charming interior. Linen table linen, embroidery and lace to highlight vases, silk sheets, velvet cushions, 100% cotton bath linen ... Charming decor makes it a point of honor to that the linen is cozy, comfortable but above all elegant!


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