How high should I hang a pendant light above my dining table?

How high should I hang a pendant light above my dining table?

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Guaranteeing a friendly atmosphere, the lamp finds its place in the dining room and elegantly overlooks the dining table. Practical and aesthetic, this installation requires some precautions in order to enjoy meals in good and due form. Also, the editorial staff presents a list of rules to follow to install a suspension above the dining table, well done!

Consider the space before installing the pendant

The distance between the dining table and the suspension is obviously the essential element of this installation, but it also takes into account the overall volume of your room. For a ceiling height of around 2.50 meters, we prefer a minimum of 80 centimeters between the table surface and the light. It is above all a safety distance to avoid shaking the lamp each time you pass the dish or unfold your towel! But this minimum distance also offers significant comfort for the eyes because the light beam is placed high enough to illuminate without dazzling.

Fan of symmetry? Install your battery hanger in the center of the table. But if the asymmetry appeals to you, shift the light to create an effect that is sure to add charm to the whole.

Take into account the furniture before installing the pendant light

The dimensions of the dining table also influence the position of the luminaire. Indeed, if your table is very large, the pendant must be installed at a higher height so that the light beam can encompass the entire surface of the table. Also, when you want to keep a “low” layout, it is better to multiply the light sources and install three suspensions instead of one for example.

If your dining room table is very large, install several pendant lights to better distribute the light over the entire surface.

Vary the pleasures with an adjustable suspension above your dining table

The height of a luminaire also makes it possible to quickly modulate the atmosphere of a space. Soft light or bright light? A detail to take into account when installing your lighting, in order to maintain an effective brightness. To keep the possibility of juggling between different atmospheres, you can opt for adjustable height suspensions, a clever bias that adapts to your occasions and meals in seconds.

There is a wide variety of pendant lights: color, design, size, height adjustable or not. It's up to you to choose the one that best suits your interior!