Landscapes 2000

Landscapes 2000

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Looking for a quality service provider for your landscaping work? Paysages 2000 takes care of everything! It was in 2000, at the age of only 22, that Luc Mugnier founded the company Paysages 2000 in Chalon-sur-Saône. Today, the company deploys its know-how to individuals, professionals and communities, and has forged an excellent reputation thanks to its high-quality services and its team of enthusiasts. Pledge of seriousness and excellence of the company, Luc Mugnier also occupies the role of departmental president of the UNEP of Saône et Loire, the union of landscape companies.

A hand-sewn garden

"We never impose anything," explains Luc, "we really want our clients' projects to be like them, completely personalized!" After a first meeting which takes place systematically with customers in order to properly identify their needs, the company submits to the owners a landscape infographic produced by its internal design office, which allows them to better project themselves. "No more worries! Thanks to 3D modeling, customers really know where they are going," says Luc. Whether you dream of a poetic, rather naturalistic garden, a modern garden with tighter lines, or a superb wooden terrace overlooking the swimming pool, Paysages 2000 designs hand-sewn spaces, just like you.

An eco-responsible approach

In response to the specific requirements of certain customers, the company has adopted an approach that respects the environment. As part of its services, Paysages 2000 favors ecological materials and natural vegetation in order to respect the ecosystem of each garden, and endeavors to recover its green waste. The company also masters hydromulching, a technique that makes it possible to vegetate poor or sandy soils at a lower cost, and without pesticides.

Long-term monitoring

You finally have the garden of your dreams but unfortunately lack of time to take care of it? Never mind, Paysages 2000 takes care of everything and offers ultra-responsive customer support, as well as a maintenance service for small onions (hedge trimming, pruning, weeding ...). he company has implemented a very innovative concept of connected gardens with in particular the robot lawn mower controlled remotely, which takes care of the maintenance of your lawn. So that mowing is no longer a chore!

Contact : Paysages 2000, rue du 19 Mars 1962, Z.A-RN 6, 71240 Varennes le Grand Telephone: 03 85 44 77 48 Site: