Bottle and frosted glass

Bottle and frosted glass

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Tracing paper 1 sheet of adhesive paper 1 cutter 1 small natural sponge Frosting varnish 1 spray of white paint 1 small bottle of vinegar with screw cap 1 small glass


25 'Reproduction of the pattern

Reproduce the pdf pattern: 277630 using tracing paper and transfer it to the shiny part of the adhesive paper. Then cut out the pattern leaving about 3 millimeters of margin all around. Stick the adhesive in the center of the bottle, making sure it adheres perfectly to the support. Hollow out the parts that will be frosted in appearance using a cutter.

30 'Application

With the small sponge, gently dab the entire surface of the bottle of frosting varnish. Go there in small touches to obtain a fine grain and avoid overloading the sponge. Carefully remove the adhesive and allow to dry for 15 minutes.

5 'Painting

Paint the cap with white spray paint and allow to air dry. Do the same for the glass, but do not use the same adhesive: it would stick poorly and smudges of frosted varnish would appear.


Do not hesitate to create your own patterns by taking inspiration from geometric or floral patterns that you will find in magazines. Tip If by removing the adhesive, the frosted material was removed (especially on very small shapes), cut the frosted patterns with the cutter flush with the adhesive. This kind of problem can be encountered if you have taken too long to remove the adhesive and the frosting varnish has had time to dry.

20 decorations on Glass © Flammarion editions, 2003


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