Dressing room: I organize my clothes by look

Dressing room: I organize my clothes by look

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Sacred place where it all begins, the dressing room is the must for every start of the day. The clothes are installed there according to our care in order to create the outfits of tomorrow. The editorial staff gives you their tips for organizing your dressing room in an original and practical way: creating looks will help you put your clothes away like in a ready-to-wear brand and no longer abandon your favorite pieces!

Why store your clothes by look in your wardrobe?

Let the one who never forgot a t-shirt at the bottom of the drawer throw the first hanger at me! The problem is the same for everyone: man or woman, we tend to wear the same clothes day after day, preferring to abandon a few purchases that are a bit offbeat for lack of inspiration. Also ease is often right in the singular pieces of your wardrobe that may never be worn. Never mind, storage by look like a "ready-to-wear" sign is a fun and useful solution that allows you to shake up your clothing habits and to sort out to design your next purchases differently - by redefining the content wardrobe, we also redefine our needs. More than a story of storage, this process is a simple way to pay attention to each item of clothing to give it a second wind.

We create a look for every occasion: the clothes tell our mood! (Source)

Organize your clothes by look: how do I do it?

-I'm leaving a strong piece: A pretty dress, a worked sweater or pants that I particularly like. This piece becomes a central axis of the rack and it is around it that I create my first silhouettes. -I define a guideline: A dominant color will be used as a base to build my suite of clothes. It is simply a question here of making coherent silhouettes. We therefore assemble textiles on the basis of a solid or two-color range. If I start with pants, I evolve by including a top, a mesh, a jacket, until forming a complete silhouette. When the pieces of our wardrobe come together under our hands to form a silhouette, they translate our mood, our desire, our state of mind.

The accessories lend themselves to the play of looks to complete our outfits. (Source) -I integrate my singular pieces: Once our base defined, we can integrate other pieces more worked, to include with finesse patterns and games of different materials. This is where we take a fresh look at how we can wear certain clothes. The last little skirt bought on a crush, is now easily tamed by interfering in a coherent series of textiles.

By creating looks, you will highlight your favorite pieces! (Source)