Preparing work at home: how to create a vacuum?

Preparing work at home: how to create a vacuum?

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Do you have a project to renovate or would you just repaint a room? Before taking out your rollers and brushes, you will have to empty your room! Indeed, an empty room is the assurance not to damage any furniture and object but also to make your life or that of the craftsmen easier. But how to do it ?


It's the perfect time to sort it out. Whatever the room, keep in mind these main principles: *Get rid of expired products: this is mainly the case in the kitchen and bathroom *Get rid of the papers not to keep: in France, it is necessary to keep certain papers for a certain period of time, this one past, you can sort it out! *Get rid of broken items that you will never fix: do not burden yourself with objects that you will no longer be able to use *Get rid of items and clothes that you haven't used for a year or more : Sorting in your closet is more difficult than sorting in your kitchen cupboard - we don't really doubt before getting rid of a packet of expired cereals, however, we don't have the heart to say goodbye to these superb shoes that we have never worn… But we trust you, you will get there! Reminder: each less object is one less object to move! Each object can be recycled, ask your town hall.

Are your cupboards too full?

Make your boxes

How to pack your stuff efficiently? *Take boxes of different sizes: ideally, you will need small and large boxes. In the first, you will put the heaviest objects (books, dishes, etc.); in the latter lighter objects (textiles in particular: pillows, throws, etc.) *Fill your boxes reasonably: do not overload your boxes, they might drop you as soon as you lift them or at least hurt your back. In addition, for storage, be careful not to change the shape of the boxes so that they can be stacked more easily. *Tape! : close your boxes well, reinforce the bottom of your boxes with tape if necessary. *Label: note what is in each box. It will be easier to find your way when you unpack!

Well-made boxes will make your life easier!

What about the furniture?

Now that all your belongings, the contents of your drawers, cupboards, bookcases and other storage are well packed in their boxes, it's time to take care of your furniture. Please note, not all furniture can be dismantled. Those who disassemble, however, will move more easily and take up less space. Gather all the small pieces of furniture that you have just dismantled in an envelope on which you will have noted the furniture to which they relate. Tape the envelope to the furniture. Reassembly will be easier!

Does your bed come apart?

The storage box solution

Now that you've packed up your things and taken your furniture apart, what are you going to do? Not everyone is lucky enough to have an empty garage to accommodate all of this and allow room to be left in your room to renovate. Fortunately, there is the self storage solution. In a storage box, your furniture and trinkets will be safe, away from the dangers of the work (paint drips and others) and you will be able to adapt to the potential delays of the work - the schedule is flexible. At Shurgard, the storage period is unlimited (unfortunately, work often takes a long time!) There are different sizes of secure boxes, from 1 to 30m² depending on your needs. Access is easy by car and trolleys are also available. The icing on the cake is that at Shurgard you will find all the packaging material you will need - even the trouble of collecting boxes around your home.

If you don't have room at home, there is room at Shurgard!

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