Our tips for restyling your dining room chairs

Our tips for restyling your dining room chairs

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Your dining room chairs dare to be colorful!

A brushstroke and the most banal chair becomes the queen of decoration!  

Wood, metal or plastic: there are now paints suitable for all types of surfaces! Depending on their material, start with sand your dining room chairs , in order to erase all the roughness. For the choice of colors, give free rein to your imagination. We can even dare the mismatched chairs! Very popular with interior decorators, this idea enhances the decoration of your living room a touch of daring and fantasy. Last tip: to give your chairs more shine and shine, skate them with a layer of varnish. Your creations will only stand the test of time better!

Chairs that combine comfort and aesthetics

Your chair becomes as comfortable as a soft chair thanks to the foam!  

What if the makeover of your chairs was an opportunity to offer you a little extra comfort? This is a proposal that cannot be refused! To achieve this, start by taking the measurements of the seat and the back of your dining chairs , using a meter of seamstress. You will be able to cut blocks of polyurethane foam to the desired dimensions, and cover them with the fabric of your choice. Comfortable and personalized, your chairs will only ask to give you the good care they have given them.

New chair legs for new adventures

Your chair legs will surprise you!  

Changing the legs of your dining chairs is a great way to dress them up. Again, don't limit your creativity! Whether purchased from a second-hand dealer or purchased from a decoration brand, new legs will give your living room chairs a decidedly different look. Do not hesitate to play the card of contrasts: light and airy feet will marry, for example, wonderfully with a seat with massive contours. You will understand, a chair is designed as a kit furniture, in which everything is modular as you wish. So what are you waiting for to take up the challenge?