How to clean your parquet?

How to clean your parquet?

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Clean vitrified parquet

The layer of varnish that protects wood from vitrified parquet makes maintenance rather simple, they get dirty less quickly, wear less. To clean a vitrified parquet, it is advisable to remove the dust at least once a week using a micro-fiber broom or a vacuum cleaner. Finally, when necessary, you can clean your parquet with a mop or a slightly damp mop and soak if necessary with a special mild cleaner for vitrified parquet. Be careful however, the vitrified parquet does not tolerate water well. Make sure to wring out your broom or mop as much as possible.

Polish a polished parquet

Waxed floors have an inimitable fragrance, yet they are quite fragile and can be slippery, which is why they tend to disappear in favor of other types of floors. However cleaning your waxed parquet on a daily basis is rather simple and easy since it suffices to regularly remove the dust (with a vacuum cleaner for example) then to sweep a micro-fiber broom barely damp and very wrung out and that's it ! Optionally, on a stain rub with a sponge and then remember to reapply your wax on the cleaned portion.

Wash an oiled parquet

Oiled parquet floors are rather solid because they are covered with two layers of oils, yet they require regular maintenance, regularly removing the dust. Finally, once a year, the parquet should be re-oiled. In case of stains, you can use a damp sponge and a drop of neutral soap, then dry.