4 tidy kitchen cupboards for inspiration

4 tidy kitchen cupboards for inspiration

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Organizing your kitchen well is an art. But rest assured, there are simple solutions to put it in order. The objective? Tidy and organized kitchen cupboards for a pleasant, practical and functional room, where everything is in its place. Get inspired and fight everyday clutter!

Decorative jars for tidy cupboards!

Get rid of plastic and cardboard packaging, and pour your condiments into transparent jars. In addition to optimal conservation, the jar adds a decorative touch to your kitchen. Display your jars on a shelf, or leave them out of sight in a closet. Plastic boxes can also be an effective solution for storing your drawers. However, be sure to label them and mention the expiry date of the food you have deposited there.

Jars to store everything in the kitchen!

The cupboards are organized to restore order in the kitchen

Tidy and organized kitchen cupboards are visually cluttered cupboards. Clear up the mess by investing in closet organizers , or make narrow lockers yourself. The idea? Store all your kitchen utensils (trays, pots, pans, boards, cake pans) vertically, instead of stacking them. They will be much more easily accessible!

Bet on wall shelves to declutter your kitchen cupboards!

Compartments in the kitchen drawers

Almost essential for impeccable drawers, compartments of different sizes have nothing more to prove. Opt for a bin by category of objects: cutlery, utensils, household products ... Adapt the size of the compartment to its content, even if it means rethinking the organization of your kitchen: the bin for household products will need to be more deeper than the cutlery tray, for example.

Organizers in the drawers to avoid mixing spoons and forks!

Serving invites itself into the kitchen

More than practical, the trolley is ideal for bringing together in the same place everything you need for breakfast, or for a snack break for example. Easy to move around the house, it can also become an additional work plan if necessary. Use it as a full-fledged storage space where you can display your precious travel seasonings or the local grocery store.

Additional storage or extra work plan, the trolley is always useful!