3 tips for making your own dried and fragrant rose petals

3 tips for making your own dried and fragrant rose petals

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If the infinite grace of roses is ephemeral, the beauty of their dried petals beautifies and scents the house throughout the year. With a little patience, a simple microwave or a dehydrator, drying the rose petals becomes child's play!

First step: harvest the petals

Scented garden roses are the ones that are best suited for drying, whatever the season. It is enough to pick them when they are most blooming, ensuring that they do not yet have a brown spot. To avoid the humidity of the morning dew, specialists recommend picking them at the end of the morning or in the middle of the afternoon, when they scent the air with their captivating scent. Once the flowers are cut with pruning shears (watch out for thorns!), Gently remove the petals by gently pulling on them. Normally, they should come off on their own ... If you prefer to dry the petals of a florist's rose, wait until it is fully open, then remove the petals one by one before it starts to sting.

The petals must be colored and fragrant, with no trace of moisture

Technique n ° 1 for drying rose petals: patience

The rose petals dry out in three or four weeks in a dark, ventilated room. To avoid any risk of rotting, the petals should be placed on a flat, dry surface. A tray or a wooden board can do the trick, but if you have a fine grid or a mosquito net on hand, it's even better! Place the petals in such a way that they do not overlap, place them away from light and moisture and remember to turn them over every three or four days. After a month, the petals should have a crunchy texture, proof that they are perfectly dry. It only remains to store them in a tightly closed glass jar. Easy, right?

© Christelle Belleville One month later, these dry petals scent the house on a simple plate!

Technique # 2: the microwave

Did you know that rose petals can also dry out in the microwave? The only difficulty is to find the optimal drying time and power according to your device. Start by placing a few petals between two sheets of paper towel and make a first test at 900 W for 30 seconds. The petals must be perfectly dry, otherwise repeat for 10 seconds until you no longer feel any humidity by pressing them between your fingers. Then place them on a tray away from light for 48 hours (as in the previous technique) until they are completely dry!

© Christelle BellevilleDried rose petals can be used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom.

Technique n ° 3: the dehydrator

If you have a lot of roses in your garden and want to use them all year round in dried form, why not invest in a dehydrator? This small household appliance allows you to quickly dry flower petals, fruit slices, red fruits, grapes, and allows you to make vegetable crisps. We place the petals in a drawer, we press the button, we wait a few hours and presto, that's a wonderful medley! You can get beautiful dried petals in 8 hours with a dehydrator! Then, all that's left is to use these magnificent dried petals in the kitchen, to slip them into a cocktail or a smoothie. You can also make a potpourri with the petals or simply place them in a pretty jar on the bathtub to flavor your bath!


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