Before / After: Outdoor accessories to enhance the terrace

Before / After: Outdoor accessories to enhance the terrace

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Big changes don't always depend on major work. Sometimes it takes little to personalize a space, whether it is an interior room, a terrace or a balcony! For this, accessories and DIY are the ideal pillars: accessible and simple to set up, they are within the reach of each of us. Homemade is the specialty of American author and blogger Elsie Larson. Through her collective "A beautiful Mess", the young woman imagines every day a multitude of creative ideas to color everyday life. This time, she got down to her workspace - or more exactly to the outdoors - helped by two of her colleagues, Elsie transformed a corner outside her office into a cozy and colorful terrace. Nothing like a convivial space for the lunch break!

Bringing back to life an abandoned garden

Before : The offices of the "A beautiful Mess" collective are not lacking in originality. Occupied by several creatives of all stripes - photographers, editors, graphic designers - they perfectly reflect the universe of their occupants. The exteriors are however completely abandoned, because the team has so far lacked time to deal with it. However, the garden has many assets, with its calm and green environment: after several months of reflection, Elsie, founder of "A beautiful Mess", finally decides to develop a space dedicated to "afterwork". In a corner of the hitherto unoccupied garden, the young woman plans to create a summer lounge where all the employees can meet, share a meal or simply have a drink. A friendly and informal way to strengthen the already very strong links between the members of the collective, during the lunch break or at the end of the day, once the work is done.

After : Still, a month of work was necessary for Elsie, Josh and Laura to revive and personalize this small space. The biggest job was to lay the concrete slabs which now cover the grass and delimit the new terrace. Gravel surrounds this small space and allows you to walk from the office to the summer living room without having to walk in the grass. The walls have been carefully painted white to illuminate the terrace and give it a sharper appearance. The adjoining palisade is also passed under the brush of Elsie, who added a multitude of black peas on the white background to bring an original note to the whole.

But the centerpiece of the terrace is undoubtedly the large custom-made sofa, which can accommodate ten people. Fixed in the corner of the two buildings, it was dotted with several colored cushions which energize it while adding a comfortable note. To complete the decoration, Elsie and her companions added a striped carpet to the floor, hung several plant pots on the walls and hung a long garland in the style of café-guinguettes of yesteryear. With its new design barbecue and the XXL plants that surround it, the summer fair of the collective "A beautiful Mess" promises to welcome many friendly moments with colleagues!

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