Home tutorial: 6 inspirations to hide your wardrobe

Home tutorial: 6 inspirations to hide your wardrobe

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Curtains to hide your wardrobe

A rod, curtains and your dressing room is hidden from view!  

You are looking for an easy to implement and inexpensive solution for hide your dressing room ? Opt for curtains without hesitation! A simple rod and carefully chosen fabric will be enough toconceal your wardrobe . You are free to play on the degree of transparency of your curtains, to give a glimpse of all or part of your dressing room. Another significant advantage: the opening and closing of your dressing room will be done in the utmost silence. Early risers will be able to choose their outfit for the day without disturbing those who sleep late!

What if your dressing room was hidden behind Japanese panels?

Simple and elegant tip, the Japanese panels dress the dressing room with class!  

Often used as partitions to delimit the different spaces inside the same room, Japanese panels can also be used tohide your dressing room . Combining wonderfully sobriety and exoticism, they blend with discretion in a modern and refined interior. Preferably choose a model whose frame is made of solid wood. While it will be more expensive, it will stand the test of time more. Doesn't your dressing room deserve the best?

A dressing room as a headboard: you had to think about it!

A multifunctional headboard to store a few extra things!  

Showing off is often the best way to go unnoticed! And your dressing is no exception to the rule. Taking the form of a headboard, he will mischievously exploit the art of trompe-l'oeil. Go to the end of this logic, by painting your dressing room in tangy tones, to make it a decorative element in its own right. Beyond its aesthetic character, this solution has the advantage of convenience. Consider the pleasure of having your wardrobe without having to get out of your bed!

Your wardrobe also has the right to its screen!

Another alternative: screenings for a semi-hidden dressing room. Attractive, right?  

The element intended to hide your dressing room will not necessarily be attached to it. A screen, autonomous and mobile, will protect your clothes from prying eyes, without requiring you to go through the "works" box. This is a significant advantage if you have a real aversion to the joys of DIY. For more ergonomics, you can even opt for two separate screens, which you will have on either side of your dressing room. Last tip: favor models with two or three leaves. Their maneuverability is a guarantee of daily comfort!

Roller blinds to hide your wardrobe

Your clothes are playing hide and seek with these pretty fabric blinds!  

Are you looking for a solution that goes beyond the beaten track to close your wardrobe? Have you thought about roller blinds? Unconventional, this option shines with its originality and elegance! The installation of roller blinds is certainly a little technical, but the end result will be of the most beautiful effect. For a modular dressing , choose several blinds with reduced dimensions, operating independently of each other. You will only be able to open the part of your dressing room that you want to access! Clever, isn't it?

A proven classic: sliding doors!

A mirror on the sliding doors of the dressing room and your room looks larger!  

We no longer present them! Sliding doors are the most commonly considered solution when it comes to hiding a dressing room. Mounted on rails, they allow an appreciable gain in space, which gives them a decisive advantage over hinged doors. Glass, wood or even plastic: choose the material of your sliding doors according to your tastes and your budget. Only downside: overlapping doors can make some people inaccessible corners of your dressing room. If this is the case, you should consider having custom doors installed. More expensive, they will adapt to the exact dimensions of your wardrobe.


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