How to plant and cultivate a Pilea peperomioides?

How to plant and cultivate a Pilea peperomioides?

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The characteristics of Pilea peperomioides

  • Type: Plant with ornamental foliage
  • Height: From 15 to 60 cm
  • Flower colors: white, pink
  • Desired exposure: semi-shaded or shaded
  • Type of soil: neutral soil, slightly acidic
  • Foliage: persistent
  • Interview: easy to maintain
  • sanitizer: No
  • variety : Pilea cadierei (aluminum plant) and Pilea peperomioides (missionary plant) are the two most famous species

Origins and peculiarities of pilea peperomioides

In the Pilea family, the Pilea peperomioides is a succulent subtropical plant that can be recognized by its round, thick leaves, of a beautiful shiny green, which are reminiscent of those of water lilies and water lilies.
On their long, thin stems, they make you think of the numbers of rotating plates of the Chinese circus, or even of small round pieces… hence the other name of pilea peperomioides, " chinese coin plant"This is no coincidence, since this plant is native to the province of Yunnan, in the southwest of China!

After the Second World War, a Norwegian missionary by the name of Agnar Espegren reports cuttings in Scandinavia, where the plant begins to propagate from garden to garden, and acquires its second nickname, "the plant of the missionary".

The pilea peperomioides is a ornamental plant which is particularly recommended for indoor growing, because it does not like the cold.

Plantation and cultivation of pilea peperomioides

You can obviously buy a pilea peperomioides all year round in garden centers, but this plant is still sometimes difficult to find. Fortunately, it is very easy to cut! If you want to grow it yourself, spring is the most recommended season for cuttings (or potting). During the growth phase of the plant, make sure that the soil is always a little moist; do not hesitate to add a fertilizer for indoor plants every month.

Be aware however that the growth of pilea peperomioides being quite slow (2 years to reach its maximum size of 30 to 40 cm), do not expect to take advantage of its pretty foliage too quickly!

Good to know: for the most superstitious, know that the custom is to slide a coin between the roots of this "Chinese money plant" to bring prosperity into the home.

Maintenance of Pilea peperomioides

If there is one rule to remember to keep a pilea peperomioides as long as possible, it is to keep it away from the sun! In fact, the pilea is a fairly light-sensitive plant: never expose it to direct light; unless you want your pretty foliage to burn. The plant is not very fond of the sun, it is ideal for somewhat dark interiors in which the vegetation often has trouble blooming.

Second advice to maintain your pilea peperomioides as well as possible: since it is a tropical plant which is used to growing when receiving fresh water, you can easily water it with rainwater that you will have recovered. This will do him the greatest good, and will save you tap water!


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