6 ideas to impose the bistro trend in your kitchen

6 ideas to impose the bistro trend in your kitchen

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What we like in the bistro atmosphere are these small, warm and authentic decorative details: the round table with a metal leg, the colored folding chairs, the red and white checkered tablecloth, the slate on the wall with the menu, vintage pitchers… A slightly retro and typical French decor for your dining area! The editorial team has selected 6 easy ideas for you to create a bistro cuisine on a small budget!

A red bistro atmosphere for your kitchen

Without changing or buying everything, you can already give your kitchen a Parisian bistro-style decor by focusing on a flagship color: red! The ideal shade to enhance the authenticity of materials dear to the bistro style: wood, metal, cement tiles, a red brick wall (there are easy-to-install trompe-l'oeil wallpapers to give a brick effect old-fashioned) not unlike the industrial style ... Choose for example a tablecloth or napkins with patterns red and white gingham , brasserie style classics. Have red metal chairs (or wooden chairs, easily repainted at low cost) around your wooden table, just like on the terrace!

A few touches of bright red to immerse the kitchen in a bistro atmosphere!

A Parisian bistro-style counter!

What could be more welcoming than a beautiful counter typical of bistro cuisine, friendly and warm? A central piece in a brasserie, the counter can also catch the eye in your dining area! Remember to add some colorful suspensions, to put it even more in scene with the play of lights. To really make a bistro, the ideal would be to have a counter or a zinc center island , or black to remind the slate. Raw materials are preferred (wood, stone, etc.). You can hang behind a large mirror , put a few wooden wine crates on it, with table linen, dishes or bottles. And have some metal bar stools, mottled ... The decor is planted!

A coffee please ! Well, all that's missing is the server…

A bistro table in the kitchen

To bistro, fall for the rustic round table , wood, wrought iron or stainless steel! If you have room, you can also set your sights on two high bar tables placed next to each other. Traditionally, bistro tables have iron feet , but you can simply personalize a classic table with a customized tray (in wood or glass) or by restyling the feet (by painting them with a metallic paint for example). Side bistro chair, we play the card of vintage brought up to date: folding chairs in colored metal or more classic wood. The table and chairs set must be very harmonious. And why not a bench? In velvet or padded, it will emphasize a successful bistro decor!

Wooden tray and wrought iron legs for a bistro-style table.

A slate to mark the menu as in brasseries

It is a timeless and classic brewery:slate or blackboard , on which the menu, daily specials or shopping list is displayed. To create it, it's easy: * we take a painting and paint the center using slate paint , * we find a beautiful slate in flea market, * we paint a piece of furniture or a section of wall with a slate paint, * we use slate stickers easy to remove when the heart tells you. Which recipe will you display?

Steak fries or veal stew? It's up to you to write the menu!

Bistro-style dishes

To perfect the authentic decoration, we prefer dishes from the past (ideally mismatched). Beautiful white porcelain plates mottles, which can also be hung on the wall to dress it up, decanters, pitchers brands of alcohol or syrups found in flea markets ... The important thing is not to lock them in the cupboards but on the contrary to leave them close at hand. And by sight! For glasses, remember to spread them on a shelf by series (wine glasses, beer glasses, water glasses ...) or hang them by the feet above the bar or counter. As for the coffee cups, they can be placed on a tray next to a beautiful stainless steel coffee machine. It's all about staging!

The icing on the cake, the bistro dishes to savor a good traditional dish!

Accessories for a bistro-style decor

The Recycling ' is your friend: DIY pendant lamp with old colanders, jars ... You find many ideas on the Internet! Use accessories to create a popular bistro atmosphere in your kitchen: * a parrot coat rack on which to hang your tea towels, * a large wall clock in wood and metal, * a sticker in the shape of a cutlery to stick to the wall, * perfect cement tiles in the splashback (you can also choose less expensive adhesive tiles), * patinated wood furniture, * decorative plates or posters showcasing cakes, wines, coffee, * an old-fashioned bottle opener on a wall, * a towel dispenser in the center of the table… All you have to do is set up your table and invite your friends around a convivial meal (veal blanquette or bourguignon beef)!

A beautiful industrial pendant light and a big old clock to refine the decor!