I want a canopy bed!

I want a canopy bed!

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Do you dream of an exceptional bed that will make your nights an invitation to travel? Let yourself be tempted by the four-poster bed. Modern or classic, with or without curtains, there is no need to lead castle life to adopt it! Dé tells you everything you need to know to give style to your room.

A four-poster bed for my bedroom?

If there is one decorative piece of furniture that suffers from prejudice, it is the four-poster bed. Rococo style, reserved for princesses, anti space saving… If all the arguments hold you back despite your desire to take the plunge, rest assured, the four-poster bed is also and above all a good idea for creating your custom bedroom!

Sober, this canopy brings relief to the room without adding more: we love it!

5 decorating tips to decorate your bedroom with a four-poster bed

* The canopy bed is ideal for creating spaces in space, including in a small room where it can play the role of an original alcove. * If you have a spacious bedroom, dare to place your canopy bed in the middle of the room. A great way to organize the space by erecting the bed as a central element of your decor. * To change curtains and net curtains, decorate your four-poster bed with light garlands. You will get a cozy and original lighting. * You can also very well leave your canopy bed without any frills, taking the side to highlight its ultra graphic structure and all in height. * For your canopy bed, choose a material that will blend in with your decor: raw wood for a cocooning chalet atmosphere, exotic wood for a tropical honeymoon spirit or even patinated metal for a design loft side.

We fall asleep with the sound of the waves under the light veil of this canopy bed.


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