How to choose the right tile for your bathroom?

How to choose the right tile for your bathroom?

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When you redo your bathroom, it's usually for several years. So it's better to think before buying your tiles. Arnaud Odon, Carrelage advisor at Etablissement Bourcier, in Sannois, gives us some precious advice.

What are the different kinds of tiles, suitable for a bathroom, that are found on the market?

First there is the glazed stoneware, resistant but slightly porous. For a bathroom, we will choose minimum PEI3 class. It is often an entry-level product but the price increases with the quality of finish of the enamel. Then there are products in ceramic , with almost 0% porosity. The full body porcelain stoneware , first of all, particularly resistant. As it is tinted in the mass, the chips are less visible. Then the glazed porcelain stoneware, in an even higher price range. The rendering is more sophisticated than the previous one. The tiles have rectified or non-rectified edges. The former allow very fine joints to be made for a more contemporary look. With the latter, the edges of the tiles are slightly rounded and when the tiles are laid, the joints are more visible. All the tiles that go to the floor can go to the wall. The reverse is not always true.

How to make a more design or more contemporary tile in the bathroom?

A simple black tile can give a lot of modernity to your bathroom

Playing on the calepinage , that is, how to arrange the tiles together. We can have fun combining several different formats, square tiles with rectangular ones, for example, and associate different colors . But it must be discussed before with the tiler. Because not all tilers have the same know-how. Some are excellent for laying very simple tiles but will not want to embark on an elaborate work, others have a real aesthetic sense and are able to do more complicated things.

Choosing the right tile color is not easy. So how do you do it?

Combine cement tiles and metro tiles for a charming touch

Do not hesitate to request samples . So you can see the color depending on the light in your bathroom. To be sure of the final color, you have to buy from stock. If you are buying on order, the ideal is to bring a sample from the factory. The samples displayed in store may be slightly different from the tiling we receive depending on the baking bath. Hence the importance of planning your purchase well in advance.

What is the current trend in terms of bathroom tiles?

As with other rooms in the house, there are many tiles with an "oil" surface, as if they were slightly oxidized. Tiles imitating natural stone - stone, wood - are also very popular, as is the one that gives the impression of polished concrete. Satin and soft-touch finishes are more fashionable than glossy finishes. In terms of colors, grays and metallic colors, whose effect varies depending on the light, are highly appreciated by lovers of contemporary decoration. The demand for pastel mat colors is also increasing, as are real colors such as red or purple, to the detriment of blues.


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