Venidom kitchens, the kitchen specialist who comes to your home

Venidom kitchens, the kitchen specialist who comes to your home

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Designing your kitchen without having to leave your home: it is the good idea of ​​Venidom Kitchens. When he was only 9 years old, Maxime Gérard accompanied his father-in-law on the kitchen installations. Passion never having left him, he took the path of entrepreneurship at 22 with his first store. It was in 2011 that he had the ingenious idea of ​​the store truck, where the customer can choose his kitchen while staying at home.

Venidom as Come home

In the Dordogne and around, the Cuisines Venidom store truck does not go unnoticed with its signage designed to be seen by all! A vehicle perfectly designed by Maxime Gérard, who managed to optimize 6 m² to install two models of fitted kitchens and more than 200 sample doors. The customer can thus touch the quality of the products offered while he is calm at home.

With Venidom Kitchens it is the head of the company in person who comes to the client, takes the measurements, and offers a free quote without obligation, with a 3D plan of the future kitchen. Always with a view to making life easier for the client, this first meeting can be done in the evening as on Saturday. The installer of Venidom Kitchens takes care of the rest, including the removal of the old kitchen.

A franchise that promotes entrepreneurship

Distinguished business manager, Maxime Gérard has developed his franchise for 1 year. Once again he thought of everything, "the franchisee can start their business immediately, everything is already ready". There is no need to have knowledge of cooking, you just have to love the decoration and want to start your own business. The franchise candidate must also respond to the values ​​of Cuisines Venidom: honesty, skills and passion.

Before starting any activity, a six-week training course is organized to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for any good cook. Project leaders will therefore be able to have their new kitchen made all over France, while benefiting from prices 10 to 15% lower than those of major distributors. Contact : Cuisines Venidom Maxime Gérard Phone: 06 42 49 59 36 Email: [email protected] Site: