How to clean your aluminum joinery?

How to clean your aluminum joinery?

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The good news is that joinery and aluminum constructions require very little maintenance - unlike other more restrictive materials! You will still have to get your hands dirty but I promise, if you follow our advice, the maintenance of your aluminum joinery will be extremely simple!

How often to clean aluminum joinery?

Everything will depend on where your aluminum joinery is located. That said, keep in mind that the maintenance of lacquered aluminum is extremely simple. So : - You are in a rural or sparsely urbanized area: you avoid pollution and other urban soiling, cleaning once a year will be perfect as long as your joinery is exposed to rain - and natural cleaning! - You are in an urban, industrial or marine area: we recommend a semi-annual cleaning to give you peace of mind. As for your interior aluminum joinery, the situation and the use also count: - Your joinery is located in a busy area (entrance hall, storefront, etc.): you will have to be a little more considerate than for your exterior joinery since rainwater will not do the job for you, take advantage of your usual cleaning to dust your aluminum joinery, then clean according to the needs of your joinery! - Your joinery is located in a non-busy area: follow the above recommendations but normally cleaning will be less frequent! Another tip: regular cleaning will make it easier!

Steps to clean aluminum joinery

Tell yourself that you really made the right choice with your aluminum joinery! Indeed, the maintenance of these is done in very few steps. And, you're lucky, you can say goodbye to the painting step - since once lacquered, your coating will have the same lifespan as your aluminum carpentry. - Your aluminum windows and other joinery are normally dirty: Step 1: wash your aluminum joinery with water added with a mild detergent (the pH of this should be between 5 and 8) Step 2: rinse thoroughly with clean water Step 3: wipe with a soft, absorbent cloth Step 4: Admire the work! - Your aluminum windows and other joinery are very dirty: The steps are the same as for normally dirty joinery, you can however use "cleansing and polishing" products as well as a synthetic pad to be more effective. Do not forget to rinse with clear water and then wipe with a soft cloth. The advice in addition: what if you took the opportunity to clean your windows?

What cleaning products should you use to clean your aluminum joinery?

The best is the enemy of good ! Thus, to avoid any risk of scratches or damage to your anodized or powder-coated aluminum surfaces, check the incompatibilities of certain solvents on the ADAL website. The advice in addition: regular cleaning will allow you to limit the use of products too strippers. Find more information on the Alu Window site In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum