Tutorial: making orphan anti-sock clips

Tutorial: making orphan anti-sock clips

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Who has never ended up with a solitary sock after running a machine? Separated between two washes or even swallowed by the washing machine, the future of their half remains a mystery! So, to avoid orphan socks, we always keep them in pairs (even in the machine!), Thanks to homemade sock clips.


For about 12 sock clips: - a sheet of crazy plastic - a pencil - colored pencils - a cutter - an oven and parchment paper

Budget: 5 euros Duration: 20 minutes


1. Start by tracing the pattern with a pencil on your crazy plastic. For me, the circle is 3 cm in diameter. But beware: depending on your plastic, the rate of shrinkage during baking can vary. I recommend that you take a test before you start.

2. Cut the shape with a cutter. Depending on the thickness of your socks, you can make more or less wide slits.

3. Locate the matte side of the crazy plastic and decorate your clip with colored pencils.

4. Place your creation on the drawn side, on parchment paper. Bake at 150 ° C so that the crazy plastic shrinks and hardens. The cooking time and temperature may vary depending on your plastic. Take your creations out of the oven: you get pretty personalized sock clips!

5. Tuck your socks in the slots to keep them in pairs and put everything in the machine! Prefer programs at 30 ° C or 40 ° C: it will be better for your pliers, for your socks and for the environment!


Easy and fun to make, your children can create their own sock clips. And no need to spend hours reconstituting the pairs: they stay together in the dirty laundry bin when they arrive in the closet. Time saved with each laundry and no more solitary socks!


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