Tutorial: make pretty pots for your aromatic plants

Tutorial: make pretty pots for your aromatic plants

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Do you have trouble remembering the names of all your aromatic plants? Well, mint is easy, but if like me you are tired of confusing rosemary with thyme, this tutorial of the day is for you! Indeed, we are going to customize pretty terracotta pots for your aromatic plants with a special blackboard paint.


- a roll of masking tape; - a terracotta pot; - clay balls; - of the earth ; - a spray of special blackboard paint.

Budget: 20 euros Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by putting masking tape on the edge of the jar. So you can paint everything while keeping the edge in the original color.

2. Paint the jar using a special spray of blackboard paint, standing about 30 centimeters away. Put yourself in a ventilated place and respect the drying times indicated on the spray can, they differ according to the brand. Be sure to shake the bomb well before you start!

3. Let dry, then add a second coat if necessary.

4. Carefully remove the masking tape. In the idea you can very well paint the edge of another color. To do this, simply repeat the operation, hiding the other part once it is completely dry.

5. Then add a small layer of clay balls.

6. Add soil.

7. Your pot is now ready, all you have to do is add the plants! You can plant seeds or small plants that you will find in garden centers and large areas.

8. Water your plants regularly and write small words or the names of the plants in chalk on the pots.


And now, you will have no excuse for confusing the names of your aromatics! The rendering is super nice when you put several side by side. However, be careful to wait at least 24 hours before writing with chalk, otherwise you will leave indelible traces. I warn you, your friends may bite you!

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