8 coffee tables that your friends will envy you

8 coffee tables that your friends will envy you

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1. The copper coffee table

With its fine legs and pretty copper dress, this refined coffee table evokes the festive atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties. Rounded, metallic and wildly chic, it adds a touch of elegance to all living rooms without adding to the decor, and warms up overly classic atmospheres with its pink reflections. Especially since the pizza on a copper table is divinely decadent.

2. The Scandinavian coffee table

The Scandinavian decor owes its letters of nobility to a few essential pieces that have successfully established the decor. At the head of the file, the pretty pedestal table! With its base in raw wood, it evokes the forests of the Far North. And with its clean lines, it fits into most interiors, white tray version for elegance, pastel colors for softness.

3. Nesting tables

As beautiful as practical, the nesting coffee tables combine the advantages. In solo, we hide the little ones under the big ones to save space; when the friends disembark, we sow them in the room to put the glasses and the aperitif trays. Result? Optimized furniture that dazzles friends, to choose in a Scandinavian, industrial, wood or even copper version depending on the atmosphere of the show!

4. The industrial coffee table

The secret of the industrial coffee table? A very light metal base, a solid solid wood top and an ultra-trendy minimalist style popular with interior decorators. A model of elegance and sobriety that all friends will envy us, especially with its overhead lines, it blends into our interiors with discretion.

5. The pallet coffee table

The queen of recycling and the DIY project is her. The pallet coffee table can be made or bought ready-made, it depends, but the house version does not cost much and is dazzling. We collect a palette, we sand it or we paint it, we screw four casters underneath and we put a glass plate on it ... then we collect the compliments.

6. The mini metal coffee table

More delicate than the industrial table, more original than the copper coffee table, the mini metal coffee table looks a bit like a table, a bit like a sculpture and almost as much as a basket. In general, the tray is raised to allow it to be used as storage! Black, golden, white or colorful, it serves as a coffee table, a basket and an extra seat.

7. The country coffee table

In the rustic rustic family, we ask for the coffee table. Between shabby chic and modern firm, it displays a vintage look, in raw or weathered wood, and can even, with luck and patience, be mottled. We put dried flowers or beautiful books, we store paper towels and we play cards with friends!

8. The retro wooden coffee table

If we like the round or oval retro wooden coffee table so much, it's for its simplicity. Vintage look, dark shade, velvety wood and soft shapes, it elegantly plays with its sobriety to blend into the decor ... and because it is retro, it is generally design, a true tribute to the big names of the 50s, 60s or 70!


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