8 tips to add charm to a classic bathroom

8 tips to add charm to a classic bathroom

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White tiles, ordinary furniture, ordinary taps ... your bathroom lacks cachet and you want it to change! Without getting into big jobs, there are a thousand and one tips to make it much more attractive. New bathroom linen, an original mirror or an adhesive splashback with a cement tile effect can offer the touch of charm that is currently lacking in your classic bathroom.

Tip n ° 1: replace plain and ordinary bathroom linen

All dressed in white, the classic bathroom needs to be heated. And nothing could be simpler than swapping plain and mundane bath linen for much more attractive ornaments. We dare the reasons, but not just any! We favor those who play the authenticity card (ethnic, cement tile effect, etc.). In terms of colors, we avoid flashy and above all, we don't mix too many colors! Finally, the towels are hung on pretty hooks so that they can be invited as real decorative elements. On the carpet side the rule is the same. We do not hesitate to choose it large so that it partially covers the white tiled floor.

We let ourselves be seduced by the bathroom linen with authentic and ethnic patterns.

Tip n ° 2: bet on new, less versatile handles

Classic bathroom furniture is terribly lacking in originality. However, to give it a little character, it sometimes takes three times nothing. The least expensive trick remains to install new handles less mat. Those in ceramic, white or decorated with colorful designs, bring the touch of charm they were lacking in the blink of an eye!

New door knobs and your furniture awakens.

Tip 3: opt for a less traditional mirror

The bathroom mirrors found in major DIY stores are certainly very practical, but nevertheless lack character to give charm to a classic bathroom. Our advice: bet on a less straight mirror like the famous triptych barber model with a very retro look.

We dare the barber's triptych mirror above the vanity unit for more charm.

Tip n ° 4: apply an adhesive splashback with a cement tile effect

Adhesive splashbacks are the new stars of water features. Easy to install, they prove to be a real charming asset when adopting a cement tile effect model. Another advantage, these adhesive plates can be installed on existing tiles. It is therefore possible to position them above the sink, but also in the middle of the wall along the entire length to create a frieze. The little extra: if you get tired of them, they can also be removed very easily!

Cement tile adhesive splashbacks change the look of your bathroom in the blink of an eye.

Tip n ° 5: slip decorative accessories designed in beautiful materials

When a bathroom lacks charm, accessorization is the key. Beautiful objects, designed in beautiful materials, change the look of the room as soon as it is set up. The soap holder and the plastic toothed glass are flanked at the door, and room is made for those made of ceramic, porcelain, stone or raw wood. Regarding colors, we prefer neutral colors and matte finishes. We can also add to that elegant chiseled jars in which we slide the cottons, toothbrushes or makeup brushes. Finally, we do not ignore the coat hooks and the coat rack. Remember, it's the little details that make the difference.

The choice of accessories is essential to give character to the bathroom.

Tip n ° 6: install a very aesthetic shower curtain

No doubt, a beautiful shower curtain can also give charm to any bathroom! We leave to children those with frog, bamboo and other starfish prints and we move towards the curtains with material effects, graphic patterns, all in natural tones. The result can be impressive, at a lower cost!

Yes, a shower curtain can also be the charming asset of a bathroom!

Tip n ° 7: change the classic taps for more retro elements

This is not the most accessible trick, but if you are a little handyman, changing the fittings can also give character to the room. All you have to do is set your sights on a beautiful shower column and a retro-style tap. Once installed, these completely forget about any sink and shower with which the bathroom is equipped.

Big crush on the retro fittings by Hudson Reed.

Tip 8: play with natural materials

We must not forget the natural materials that come to bring their touch of charm in the bathroom. Multiplying for example wicker baskets, as decorative as practical, is an easy idea to apply. Wood is also not to be neglected. A shelf here, a small piece of furniture there, and here is your pond which comes to life with small arrangements.

Warm up your bathroom by letting the wood and wicker in.