Marine box

Marine box

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1 white translucent polypropylene sheet 1 metal ruler 1 large cutter Extra strong double-sided adhesive tape 1 pair of scissors 10 silver eyelets 1 eyelet pliers

Production :

15 'Cutting elements

In the polypropylene, cut a square 60 cm side. Cut out according to the solid lines
pdf: 277556. You will fold according to the dotted lines. To form the cover, cut a second square 26.5 cm square (the central square making 20.5 cm side to facilitate the fitting of the cover on the box).

15 'Marking of folds

Groove in the marked places. To do this, heat a knife over a flame and slide it over the plastic along the ruler, pressing lightly before folding. Mark all the folds well.

10 'Collage

Place double-sided adhesive tape on all the tabs forming the base of the box and close so as to obtain a cube. advice As a cost saving measure, you can replace the eyelets with double-sided adhesive tape.

8 'Finishes

For the lid, close with eyelets, taking care to fold the tabs inward. advice Here we have chosen a small wooden boat. But there are all kinds of patterns, in wood, plastic, metal ...

2 'Decor

Glue a decoration on the cover.advice You can create a frieze of small boats all around the box, or even compose a decoration on its cover.


If you have a drop of polypropylene, you can also make a storage compartment. Refer to the explanations for the box cover.

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