HM Déco, the specialist in tailor-made work plans

HM Déco, the specialist in tailor-made work plans

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And if you opt for a unique and tailor-made work plan, whether for your kitchen or your bathroom? We opt for change with custom-made ceramic worktops, a very trendy material today, just like the marbled effect which is making a comeback. In terms of color, pure white and matt black win the support according to specialists at HM Déco.

Modern technology at the service of a craft trade

At the start of the HM Déco adventure, the activity of this company, born in 2010, was itinerant, with just a truck traveling through France and fairs to offer its services. With good suppliers and reliability on time with attractive prices and impeccable quality, the company will quickly develop and then settle in Biganos in early 2012. Initially alone, the creator of HM Déco now employs ten of people he trained in the marble trade. It is a real art, but the advanced technologies of the machines of French origin available to HM Déco make it possible to combine the digitization of tasks with the quality of the work of men. HM Déco also collaborates with renowned suppliers and many kitchen designers, in addition to selling to individuals. The worktops are made from quartz (SILESTONE), granite and ceramic (DEKTON).

A growing family business

The strength of the company is the quality of the work and the customer relationship, associated with very short deadlines between measurement and the completion of the work plan: only 4 to 10 days. The installation is done by employees of the company, and not by subcontracting, to keep this privileged relationship with the customer and master the quality and the service from start to finish. HM Déco plans to develop and expand: a 150m² showroom, new offices, more storage space and a doubling of machines to be able to handle more orders and develop the activity of this business, which remains family-run, while looking to the future.

For a tailor-made and unique work plan, HM Déco is the specialist you need in the Aquitaine region. Contact : HM Déco, Zone Commerciale Auchan Biganos, 555 rue Gustave Eiffel, 33380 Biganos Phone: 05 56 49 27 58 Email: [email protected] Facebook: HM DECO 33 Site:


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