DIY kids: make a door plate for my room with my first name

DIY kids: make a door plate for my room with my first name

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Here is a decor idea that will appeal to children who are starting to get a little older and often want to personalize and mark as such, their own living space that is their bedroom. The idea is to have fun with Fimo dough (or other plasticine) to create the letters of his first name, then assemble them to make a pretty door plate, or simply a garland to hang in the bedroom. And if they don't want to write their first name, children can just as easily have fun with the words they like! Whatever their choice, the result will be nice but beware, the workshop is not within the reach of the little ones. And even for the older ones, a big person will be essential to lead the project from start to finish and guarantee its success! Now follow the little ermine, she guides you through all the stages of production.


- polymer clay (Fimo or other) of different colors - an ultra smooth work surface (earthenware, glass plate) to facilitate the work of modeling the clay - a rolling pin (if you have one specially dedicated to activities of this type are better!) - a round cookie cutter 6 or 7 cm in diameter - various marking tools (fork, pen cap, etc.) - a large needle - assorted cotton thread. - an oven


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