On the balcony, spring is preparing for autumn!

On the balcony, spring is preparing for autumn!

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As the household prepares to hibernate, it is high time to anticipate the arrival of spring on its windows. In less than an hour and for just a few euros, treat yourself now to an explosion of colors in March-April… Magic? No, ultra-easy!

When to plant spring bulbs?

If all gardeners know, most city dwellers are unaware that tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, Muscaris and crocuses are planted in the fall. Nicknamed "spring bulbs", these flowers are bought in the form of bulbs (like onions) in garden centers and are planted between October and mid-December. After a few months spent underground without special watering or care, they shyly point the end of a green stem at the end of winter and offer us a real firework of color at the very beginning of spring. "I plant bulbs in my planters every year, explains Caroline, a 32-year-old city girl, and each time I let myself be surprised by their flowering. The planting lasts only a few minutes and afterwards we have plenty of time to forget about them… and then in March, when we are desperate to see spring coming, what a joy to see tulips and daffodils flourish! It does not last long, but I love making bouquets for the house… "

Happiness is on the window in March

Which bulbs to choose for its window sills?

In an apartment, spring bulbs are planted in a pot or in a planter, on the balcony or on the window sill. Beginners generally like to start with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses or muscaris, but nothing prevents you from embarking on the planting of more original bulbs such as fritillaries, dog teeth or garlic. Bulgaria! Most spring bulbs prefer sunny exposures, but snowdrops, crocuses and cyclamen also enjoy shade. For a flowering planter for as long as possible, choose several different varieties but limiting the colors to avoid a cacophonic effect ... Choose for example a yellow and blue or red and white accord or opt for a shades of roses or light blues. Also think about the height of your flowers, and mix varieties of small sizes like Muscaris and taller varieties like tulips and daffodils. Read also: Mistakes to avoid with bulbs

Sublime spring surprises (A Parisian balcony)

How to plant potted bulbs?

In a planter or in a pot, planting spring bulbs is a breeze… which can also be done with the family! In a well-drained planter, that is to say with clay balls at the bottom and an evacuation so that the water does not stagnate, it is enough to make holes three or four centimeters deep in the ground, between the plants already installed for fall. In the open ground, gardeners use a transplanter or a bulb planter, but in a pot a simple tablespoon allows you to dig into loose soil. The bottom of the hole must be flat so as not to leave any air bubbles. Then put the bulb with the head at the top and the wider part at the bottom, and cover with soil by hand, sprinkle lightly… And that's it! Then, all you have to do is go and prepare your house for the winter and hasten to forget your bulbs so that the surprise is total in the spring. Happy plantings! Read also: Planting spring bulbs


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