8 advantages of artificial Christmas trees for a magical Christmas Eve!

8 advantages of artificial Christmas trees for a magical Christmas Eve!

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1- It is economical

Imagine them savings that you would do over the years if you came out of the attic your artificial Christmas tree ? Yes, investing in an artificial tree is much more economical than buying a natural tree at the end of each year!

2- It is ecological

There, imagine the number of natural fir trees cut approaching Christmas and New Year to be sold and decorate the interior of lots of habitats all over the world ... You have a headache just thinking about it? We understand you, the number is scary! In France, the number of natural trees sold for Christmas is estimated at 6.1 million ... Ouch!

3- It is easy to transport

When we go to buy one Christmas tree natural in the supermarket, we end up with a big thing surrounded by fishing net to put in the car. The net stuck the fingers, the thorns bite the arms… And even if our natural Christmas tree is well installed in our interior, our car is like a porcupine, there are thorns everywhere! When you buy an artificial Christmas tree at the supermarket, you only leave with a big box to unpack at home. No fishing net that pinches your fingers, no thorns that bite your arms, no car to clean afterwards… It's much less (painful and) complicated!

4- He is a friend of cats

The big fright when you have a natural Christmas tree and a cat at home ? It is that our little fur ball takes pleasure in having fun with our tree until it falls and / or loses all its thorns! With a artificial christmas tree, we can have peace of mind, even if our cat is in a naughty mood: no risk that the tree will lose its thorns and be stripped!

5- He does not lose his thorns

Good news, you will be exempt from the chore of picking up with a artificial christmas tree ! Whether or not you place it near a heat source, your artificial tree will not lose its thorns and will always keep the same shape. Unlike a natural Christmas tree which, placed in an interior on December 1, is naked like a worm on Christmas Eve…

6- It is assembled and disassembled in 2 minutes flat

On most artificial tree models, the strands are pre-assembled on the trunk. In other words, all you have to do is "arrange" the strands harmoniously to give life to your artificial tree when you install it at home. And it's the same thing when you want to put your artificial tree in the attic after the end of year celebrations are over: we fold the strands towards the trunk, and it's over! Some models of artificial fir also have the automatic unfolding ; installation is even faster!

7- It takes up little space

Very often, artificial trees are cut into 2 or 3 parts depending on their height. First, it makes it easier to mount / dismount them; of two, it allows them to be less bulky and easier to store, even in a small area. This is a big advantage for an interior with limited space where the least square centimeter of storage is counted!

8- It adapts to all your desires

There is not one, but a multitude of artificial tree models. Green with or without a snowy effect, white, black, with pine cones, with dew effect or with integrated light decorations… All can be adapted to suit everyone's decorating tastes and preferences for Christmas. You are sure to find THE perfect model that will sublimate your Christmas and New Year !


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