Couple story: what bedroom decor when you don't have the same tastes?

Couple story: what bedroom decor when you don't have the same tastes?

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Since the life of a couple is a haven of peace compared to the world of brutes that awaits us outside, we agree that everything must be done to preserve it or even embellish it. This cocoon that we created together, in which we like to take refuge, is sometimes weakened by minute details. For example, how to do with the decor when there is a difference in taste? It would be a shame to risk your life as a couple for style when we agree on so many other things. For the peace of the households, dé gives you 10 advices, sometimes judicious, sometimes funny, so that love prevails even when one does not agree on the decoration.

Tip # 1: Put it into perspective

Finally, is the decoration of the room so important? If you think about it, most of the time we have our eyes closed in this room since we sleep in it so we can let the other choose the decoration, we won't see much in any case. For this solution, we choose low-light lamps: this helps to put things into perspective.

Tip # 2: We give in on something else

If you insist that your room be in the image of your decorative style, you can always organize a barter with your other half: “The decoration of the room is for me but on the other hand I let you express your tastes in the garage ". How is that not very fair play? Point out that the bedroom is not a room to be seen by others and therefore that he will not have to suffer from your “bad” taste in bedspreads.

Tip # 3: Take your time

Apart from the bed, nothing is really essential in your room. You can easily accommodate the bare minimum as long as you have agreed on the decoration. The trap would be to rush you see to entrust to the other, in a moment of error, the choice of furniture. On the contrary, the longer you hang out before investing in decoration, the greater the chance of finding common ground.

Your other half swears by the decor in shades of gray…

Tip # 4: We sleep separately

In the case where there is nothing more to do and the style disagreement is really too great, the solutions are few and radical. The luxury option consists of sleeping in separate rooms so that everyone keeps their own decoration space. This obviously implies having a home that allows such freedom. With the resourceful option, it would rather be necessary to add a separation with a partition or a curtain. Obviously the most extreme solution consists in completely separating: suddenly the question of tastes no longer arises!

Tip # 5: We discuss

More seriously, we say that tastes and colors are not discussed and yet in a couple, it would be just the opposite! You think you have different and irreconcilable tastes but in reality it is because you have not talked enough decoration between yourselves. The key is to find common ground that is as new to one as it is to the other. One can imagine that the first is attracted by the romantic style, the other by a contemporary decoration but it is only by discussing that they will realize that they are both seduced by an oriental atmosphere.

Tip # 6: We change regularly

The decoration of a room can be transformed with three times nothing: a duvet cover, a carpet of curtains, a few trinkets and voila! We note that with a budget even tight, it is quite possible to change the style of your room regularly. In this way, everyone keeps their tastes and there is no one left behind in the couple.

… While you are more pastel and liberty decor?

Tip # 7: We choose minimalism

Minimalism is today a major trend in the decoration and organization of the home. In addition to facilitating storage and cleaning, it has the advantage of being perfectly adapted to this kind of situation. Minimalism could indeed be considered as the style which is not one (even if it is a little more complicated than that). A minimalist bedroom will consist of a minimum of furniture with the simplest possible bed. The walls will be white, as will the curtains and bed linen. There will be no trinkets or patterns that could determine a particular style. With this neutrality and this counting, one obtains a space which, failing to please, will not displease either of the two.

Tip # 8: We create areas of freedom

Without falling into extreme minimalism as in advice n ° 7, one can make compromises by adding decorative freedom zones in the bedroom. For example, we can imagine that everyone's tastes are visible on the bedside tables and establish as a rule that each is responsible for their area without the other having a say.

Tip # 9: We win

If decoration is your whole life, it costs (almost) nothing to try to make your spouse understand it. Several techniques allow to get there but in general, it is rather low blows. You can for example undertake work when the other is absent, buy furniture without the possibility of return or put the decoration of the other in the back of the cupboards. When one is ready for such schemes, the other person realizes that this is of fundamental importance to you and that it is better to let it go. You have won !

And the cat? Was the cat asked for advice?

Tip n ° 10: Shoot heads or tails

Do you like risk? Why in this case do not bet the decoration of your room by leaving it to chance. At the same time, if you are ready to flip a coin, it doesn't really matter to you, so you don't end up betting big. Take the opportunity to get another concession instead!