7 tips to organize your room efficiently

7 tips to organize your room efficiently

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The tie that plays hide-and-seek 5 minutes before the time to leave for work has the gift of spoiling the morning routine (and sometimes the day!). To avoid sleeping in a shambles worthy of a teenage bedroom in the midst of a crisis, the editorial staff of dé gives you 7 formidable storage tips. You have 10 minutes watch in hand to store everything in the room. At your stopwatches!

1 / Make your bed every morning, for a tidy room

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom so when it is put away: it shows. And the reverse is also true… In the Room arrangement , it is he who gives the. So get used to putting the duvet and pillows back in place every morning (yes, every morning!), Even if you haven't had a career in the army. Uncross the sheet, re-inflate the pillows, tuck in the bed, erase the unsightly folds ... Your sleep when the evening comes will only be better.

A bed well made, and your room already looks much more orderly!

2 / Put away the clothes lying around in the room

We all know this phenomenon of clothes that accumulate on the chair, on the bed and sometimes even on the floor ... To not be overwhelmed, show them who is the chef with this unstoppable storage tip which consists of collecting all the clothes lying around and placing them on the bed in two piles. On the left stack: dirty clothes will go ... dirty. On the right battery: clean clothes will go in the wardrobe or in the ironing basket, depending on their condition. You already see more clearly!

If you have a beautiful dressing room: zero excuses for laundry hanging around!

3 / War against intruders and other objects with unidentified storage

Take a good look at the battlefield (night table, floor, shelves and desk, etc.) to identify intruders, then declare war on them! The books will go to the library, the magazines in the magazine rack, the administrative letters in the sorting basket and the remains of TV evenings (packets of crisps and other jars of ice not very glamorous) will go in the yellow trash ). A place for everything and everything in its place: this is your new credo! If there are ORNIs (objects with unidentified storage) lying around, find them a place, a box, a bin, in short, a place just for them where, from now on, they will never (never!) Be able to escape you.

Tip: every time you go into the room, make sure everything is in place.

4 / Organize your clothes

Stop dressing upside down where finding your twisted woolen sweater is like looking for a needle in a haystack ... To achieve domestic harmony, the contents of your closets, cupboards, dressers and dressing room should be priced. Hang your clothes as much as possible, even adding a clothes rail if necessary. But beware, clothes hanging on the wardrobe should not play sardines. Always keep a little space to let them breathe. The rest of the clothes will be folded properly and if possible vertically, KonMari way to prevent them from sagging. The whole will be classified by category: pants with pants, short-sleeved t-shirts with short-sleeved t-shirts… This is the sine qua non condition for identifying this white tank top you need there, now , right now…

Your wardrobe must be tidy: closing the doors is not enough!

5 / Adopt smart storage accessories

Coat hooks to hang everything on the wardrobe doors, through the valet, the storage under the bed or the DIY jewelry holder: many tips and accessories help youoptimize room storage . Clothes overflowing in the wardrobe? The rack is there. You no longer know where to put your shoes? Dedicate them a shoe cabinet or a DIY shoe storage. You don't know what to do with these ties lying around in the closet? Adopt a rod, a multi-support hanger or simple shoe boxes. So many life-changing accessories for a tidy dressing room and a square room.

There is no secret: good accessories will help you in your task.

6 / Sort your things regularly in the room

What to give, what to keep, what to sell, what to throw away, what to store? To answer this dilemma, try to keep only the clothes, books and accessories that you really use and / or that bring you joy. These pants that have been sleeping in the wardrobe since the day you bought them 3 years ago… This sleepy book that you never managed to read (you stopped on page 10)… These shoes that you keep in the back of the closet for your 17 years (you never know, they can come back into fashion!)… Do you really need them? If you hesitate for more than 10 seconds before answering this question, the answer is no. Unclutter, you will gain new energy, space and comfort. The less business you have, the less storage there is to do: think about it when sorting!

It is not the easiest, but getting rid of the superfluous is effective for storing it well.

7 / Do not wait for the bazaar to accumulate to put everything away

Sometimes the mess comes back like the pounds after a diet. If the yo-yo effect threatens the order of the room (and the house), it may be that your living space is still too crowded. To banish disorder in the house forever, storage must become a daily habit, a state of mind, a philosophy of life. To help you, I let you meditate on this quote from Marie Kondo, the pope of tidying up: "You just need to know the perfect order once to keep your home in good condition". Courage, you're almost there!

The more you store often, the less you store. Yes, yes, it makes sense: try it, you will see!