Organize your move in 6 steps

Organize your move in 6 steps

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A successful move involves flawless organization. At D-1 month, it is the right time to take care of the administrative. Establishing a list of services to contact helps limit stress and keep everything in mind. Follow these tips to move in the best conditions.

Mail transfer

One month before the move, subscribe to La Poste for a definitive mail forwarding contract to receive all kinds of parcels and parcels at your new address. La Poste offers a moving pack for six months, renewable once, and a kit for a period of twelve months. Mail forwarding to the new address concerns mainland France and the overseas departments. But La Poste also offers a contract for forwarding international mail to users who move abroad. The activation of the contract can be carried out at the counter of your post office or by Internet, via the La Poste website.

Notify energy suppliers

It is necessary to contact the suppliers of water, gas and electricity. Consider terminating the contract for your old home, whether you want to change the supplier for your new home or keep the same. 24 hours before departure, a meter reading is made so that you can be billed for your actual energy consumption. The second step is to take out a new contract by phone, mail or online. It is enough to specify the new address, the delivery point (PDL), the number of the meter, the name of the former occupant if necessary and to provide a Bank or Postal Identity Statement.

Contact the telephone operator

Remember to notify your telephone operator of your change of address one month before the move. This administrative formality concerns your Internet, telephone, TV subscription. Your new address can be communicated to him by telephone and then confirmed by post. Before transferring your contract, remember to make an eligibility test beforehand by entering your new address on the Internet at ADSL or at the fiber. Note that if your new place of residence is in an area not covered by your operator, it is a contract termination clause.

Insure new housing

It is also time to think about insuring the new accommodation. You can choose to transfer home insurance from the old address to the new one by simply adding to the contract. Insofar as the accommodation is very different and the risks insured are not equivalent, it is in your best interest to opt for the termination of the contract by notifying your insurer by registered letter with AR. In order to insure the new accommodation, you can take out another contract with the same insurer or take the opportunity to change it.

Notify social providers

Take care to also notify social service providers of your change of domicile, such as CAF, the Primary Health Insurance Fund, the complementary health insurance and also Pôle Emploi. If necessary, your file will be sent by the departments concerned to the center closest to your new place of residence.

Notify banking establishments

Your change of address must be made to your bank. Generally, it is essential to send the bank a proof of address dating from less than 3 months like a receipt for rent, an EDF or telephone invoice for example. If you need to transfer your bank account to another agency in the network, find out what fees you may be charged. However, if you have an online bank, there is no additional charge for changing the bank address! Find our series of articles on moving here: Step 1: Create a schedule (D-3 months) Step 2: Plan the movers (D-2 months) Step 3: Pack your boxes (D-2 months) Step 4: Manage the transport (D-1 month) Step 6: Move serenely (D-Day)