What Christmas decoration for my front door?

What Christmas decoration for my front door?

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At home, we celebrate Christmas in style and if your interior already shines brightly, your landing does not lose anything to wait! Vegetal crown, light garland or golden branches, we share with you ideas to decorate the front door.

Our decor ideas for a magical start to Christmas

- The plant crown - The decorated fir branch - The light garland - The graphic pendant - The stickers and window stickers

The vegetable crown

It is the classic Christmas decoration for a front door, but we never get tired of it! Two options: buy a ready-made crown to your taste or create it yourself with our tutorial. Rest assured, this DIY is very simple. You just need to attach nicely different branches to a round structure (like a straw) using metal jumpers. Then you are free to customize the set with Christmas decorations (golden balls, red ribbons ...) and hang your wreath on the door!

The decorated fir branch

Here is an idea for those who want to think outside the box of Christmas decoration. Rather than forming a crown, we deliberately keep the raw shape of the fir branch to bring a natural touch. Do not hesitate to stay in this theme for the decoration that you will fix on it with a little glue: pine cones, cinnamon sticks ... Christmas will feel welcome at home!

The light garland

If for you nothing replaces the warmth of a light decoration at Christmas, do not hesitate to decorate your front door with light. Flashing garland or twinkling star, the options are not lacking. Do you prefer to avoid fixing a decoration directly on your door? So decorate the doorway with a light decoration to ask, such as a graphic cone or a large shining reindeer.

The graphic suspension

Would you like to welcome your visitors with an elegant and graphic Christmas decoration? Attach a personalized pendant lamp made on your doorstep. To do this, you just have to glean some very fine branches. Clean them quickly so that the surface is smooth and collect everything in a pretty bundle. Hang some shiny Christmas balls and voila! For extra warmth, you can even bend the branches in gold.

Stickers and window stickers

If your front door has a glass part, then this last decorative idea is for you! Opt for a very simple trick: Christmas stickers and window stickers. These decorations are infinitely repositionable and allow you to transform your door without complicating your life. Christmas motifs, quotes or adorable characters, welcome your guests in the Christmas spirit. And take care to apply the stickers for a perfect rendering!


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