How to choose your windows?

How to choose your windows?

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How to choose your aluminum windows? Oscillating or sliding? There is something to get lost in the plethora of window offers available on the market. To help you choose your windows, we take stock of the questions to ask, trends and details to know to avoid throwing money ... through the windows!

Before choosing your windows: define your needs

Before choosing the most suitable windows for your home, it is important to define the missions that you will assign them. The most common are: - Improve thermal comfort : this is THE priority! Profile with thermal break, Reinforced insulation glazing and choice of materials play on the comfort of the home ... and on the energy bill. Hence the importance of favoring the thermal insulation of its windows. - Bring in the light and the heat : nothing like fine and discreet joinery to pay homage to Julien Clerc's song "Let us leave, let us leave, enter the sun"… - Insulate yourself from noise : windows overlooking noisy streets will give priority to acoustic performance. Your drum lessons! - Last in time : resistance to shocks, weathering and the ravages of time: the stronger a window, the longer it lasts. - Play security : burglar-resistant glazing slows the action of burglars. - Receive financial assistance : windows eligible for 5.5% VAT, tax credit and zero-rate eco-loan made by RGE certified professionals can reduce the bill. This cannot be refused! - Enhance the aesthetics of the house : material effect, colors, custom-made format, bicolouring: choosing a window is also a story of tastes and colors. Let your desires be the last word!

Each room has its window

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old apartment, you should take into account the characteristics of each room before choosing your windows. - The orientation of the room : A room facing north, for example, will not have the same needs for insulating performance as a room facing south. In the north the reinforced insulation window, in the south the sliding window! - The function of the room : In a living room open to the terrace (or the garden!) We readily adopt large openings such as sliding aluminum windows. In a bathroom, frosted glazing and integrated blinds are ideal. - Room configuration : The layout of a room sometimes blocks the opening of the doors. In a small kitchen for example, the use of a tilt-and-turn window frees the work surface.

Choose your opening type

To choose its type of opening, it is interesting to dwell for a moment on the jargon of the manufacturers. - Sliding window : the sliding window is a window made up of vertical panels which slide on rails. This is the type of window indicated for making large openings. Saves space! - Striking window : also called French window is a classic window formed by one or two vertical shutters which open towards the interior of the house. Very popular on the market, it adapts to any room in the house. However, this type of opening wastes a little space - Tilt-and-turn window : is a window with two positions: a traditional casement opening and a parting-up in the upper part of the window. It often finds its place in the bathroom, kitchen and small rooms.

Choose your material

Difficult to choose the right material for your window as the choices are subjective. Why choose aluminum? - The aluminum window is recyclable - It adapts to all decorations - we can decline it in all colors! - and for all environments - It presents a very good quality / price ratio - It allows to gain in brightness - It allows a thermal comfort at the top, a very effective acoustic insulation Find more information on the site Fenêtre Alu In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum