Organize your move in 6 steps

Organize your move in 6 steps

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If you have chosen not to go through a moving company, it is still essential to provide a vehicle to transport your goods. This step must be done at least one month before the move. How to proceed ? How to make the right choice ? Here are our tips.

Where to rent your vehicle?

Renting a vehicle is essential for moving if you use the D system. But where can you find a truck or utility? Rest assured, the choice is important. You can contact an agency whose specialty is vehicle rental. Some supermarkets also offer this service at very attractive prices! Finally, you can simply contact a moving company and benefit from a vehicle adapted to your needs.

Options to consider

When choosing your vehicle, you must take into account the volume of personal effects to be moved and especially the distance to be traveled. These elements determine the size of the vehicle and especially its capacity. If you want to make several trips because the distance between the old accommodation and the new and low, you can opt for 12m cube. If you have to make a single trip, then you need to provide a utility of 20m cube or more depending on the size of your accommodation. Services are also important. It is more comfortable to opt for a vehicle with dimples, tie-down bars, tailgate, sliding door, etc. Know that you can take advantage of moving kits. These are offered by almost all structures that offer a vehicle rental service. These kits can include straps, blankets and even a devil. They are often essential on D-Day!

Precautions to take

If you have chosen to rent a vehicle and take care of your move, it is essential to be fully covered. Most often, the company that rents the vehicle offers basic insurance. To be well insured, you must therefore address your insurers. To insure the goods transported and to insure against incidents, you can count on your civil liability which is generally included in your home insurance. It is also not uncommon for certain guarantees to be covered by your bank card, even if you have chosen to open a current account online. For example, your bank card can cover the costs related to the theft of a rental vehicle or property damage. Liability may also be included. Ask before signing your rental contract and any additional insurance. Also remember to report and therefore insure all the people who will be driving the vehicle during the move. If you have some distance to travel, it may be wise to call on national companies. The latter indeed offer to leave the vehicle in a local agency and not to bring it back to the original agency. This is important if you have several hundred kilometers to cover! In the same spirit, consider comparing the mileage packages! Finally, be aware that all service providers put their prices online. Do not hesitate to compare the price offers by including the desired options before making your choice. Find our series of articles on moving here: Step 1: Create a schedule (D-3 months) Step 2: Plan the movers (D-2 months) Step 3: Pack your boxes (D-2 months) Step 5: Take care of the administration (D-1 month) Step 6: Move serenely (D-Day)


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